Ambulance Driver Rushing Overdose Victim to the Hospital Overdoses Himself

In a sign of the times of just how bad the opoid crisis has become, a man in Fairborn, Ohio, was being driven by paramedics to the hospital after a drug overdose. On the way he needed to receive an overdose reversal injection in order to survive. This in itself isn’t that unusual. What is unusual is that the driver of the ambulance also had an overdose on the way and needed an overdose injections shot himself. The driver’s partner … Continue reading →

Teacher’s Aide OD’s In Elementary School Bathroom

In Denver, Colorado, police say a 27-year-old teachers aide was found unconscious in the bathroom of the elementary school where she worked, apparently the result of a drug mishap.  She was found with a syringe hanging from her arm and a bag containing an unknown white powder.  The woman was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance. When you’re shooting up in the school bathroom, just to make it through the day, either A) the kids at that … Continue reading →