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There are many hidden dangers within the home that families give little thought to (and often aren’t aware of). One of these often overlooked hazards are toy chests: large, coffin-like containers that kids can climb into and become trapped in, unable to get back out. They end up suffocating and die inside the toy chest of asphyxiation. Toy chests can also come with large lids that injure children when they fall. Here are some examples:

Children dying inside toy chests

In Hurricane, Utah, in July of 2021, a 4-year-old boy that went missing was later found dead in his toy chest. He apparently became trapped inside it and died of asphyxiation. (USA Today, 7-30-2021, p. 4B)

Children killed by toy chests

Another hazard is that lids from old, wooden chests can come crashing down while the child is bent over and looking inside, hitting at just the right angle to cause in internal decapitation, killing them instantly.

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