Assault With A Paper Airplane

It seems our nation’s schools are rapidly becoming humorless police zones. Here’s yet another example: In Andrews, South Carolina, a high school student was charged with assault for allegedly throwing a paper airplane that struck a teacher in the eye. The charge could land the student in jail for up to a month. Local news reported that the teacher had recently undergone eye surgery. Still, must we constantly overreact to every little incident of student shenanigance with a hard-handed response … Continue reading →

Five Kids Killed In School Bus Crash

A horrific bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has taken the lives of five children and injured many more, making it one of the deadliest school bus crashed in US history. Five kids died at the scene, and at least 23 others were taken to the hospital. The deceased included a kindergartner, 1st grader, and three 4th graders. Twelve remain hospitalized as of November 23rd, sic in intensive care.  At least 35 children were on the bus at the time, ranging … Continue reading →

Lawsuit Involving Bullycide Victim

In another bullying case out of Fairfield, Ohio, the family of 13-year-old Emilie Olsen is suing the Fairfield City School District saying that school officials ignored bullying that lead to her death. Emilie committed suicide about a year ago. According to the federal law suite, Emilie, who is of Asian-American decent, had been the target of bullies for three years prior to her death, but the school did nothing about it. It included cyber-bullying in which her tormentors set up … Continue reading →

Bullying the Muslim Kid

Kids really do follow your cue, no matter what you might think. This is especially true when it comes to bullying, which often mirrors society’s prejudices. This is why most bullying consists of sexual bullying. (Mirroring society’s neurosis on sex), and bullying minority students tends to rise and fall according to current events. When news coverage centers around “illegal emigrants” we saw a spike in bullying of Hispanic students. Now that terrorism is back in the news, Muslims are the … Continue reading →

School Bus Accidents

It’s been a bad month or two for school buses in the United States. Here are some of the recent incidents: School Bus Rollover Accidents   School Bus Does A Flip In Durango, Colorado, a school bus that was transporting 44 children did a complete roll over on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Amazingly, only ten children suffered minor injuries … it could have been a whole lot worse. School Bus Rolls Over in Kansas In Hiawatha, Kansas, in the northeaster … Continue reading →

Mexico’s Young Psychologist

Need a psychologist? Dafne Almazan is a Mexican psychologist. What is unusual is that Dafne is only 13-years-old and a graduate from Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). Don’t expect an appointment with her soon. She plans to get her master’s and a doctorate degree before she goes into practice. Dafne graduated from middle school at the age of 7, and from high school when she was 9. She and her brother Andrew (20) and sister Delanie (17) are all … Continue reading →

EMT Punished for Trying to Save Choking Child

Owasie Reid, a New York City EMT, was with a partner transporting a nursing home patient the Wednesday before last. As they were driving by a school in Brooklyn they were flagged down by a man who said that his 7-year-old girl was choking on her lunch and needed help. No one at the school was assisting the child, and so he did what any decent human being would do: he stopped and administered 1st aid, believing that the choking … Continue reading →

Attack On Grade School In Sweeden

Score 1 for the dark side. In the town of Trollhattan, Sweden, about 260 miles south west of Stalkholm, a man wearing a Dart-Vader like mask went on a rampage with a sword inside a Swedisht school on Thursday. The school serves around 500 children ranging in ages from preschool to high school. The incident started mid-morning in the school’s cafeteria. The masked perpetrator first emerged from the hallway dressed in all black and wearing a mask, armed with a … Continue reading →

Eight-Year-Old Girl Killed Over Puppies

We often come across stories that will leave you shaking your head and wondering if the world has gone mad. This, unfortunately, is one of those times. This last Saturday in Jefferson County, Tennessee, 8-year-old MaKayla Dyer was playing at home with her puppies. That’s when an 11-year-old neighbor boy approached her and wanted to play with them too. MaKayla was wary. She had been bullied by this kid when they first moved to the neighborhood, and after a talk … Continue reading →