Ambulance Driver Rushing Overdose Victim to the Hospital Overdoses Himself

In a sign of the times of just how bad the opoid crisis has become, a man in Fairborn, Ohio, was being driven by paramedics to the hospital after a drug overdose. On the way he needed to receive an overdose reversal injection in order to survive. This in itself isn’t that unusual. What is unusual is that the driver of the ambulance also had an overdose on the way and needed an overdose injections shot himself. The driver’s partner … Continue reading →

Little Baggies of Death

Most people by now are aware of the human toll from the opoid epidemic sweeping the nation. Yet one often overlooked aspect of the scourge is the danger it poses to children. In Ohio, staff at a Toledo hospital were forced to use 3 doses of a narcotic overdose drug, naloxone, in order to revive a one and a half year old boy who had overdosed on opoids. Assuming his mother is telling the truth, the toddler came upon the … Continue reading →

Kids In Endangered By Drug Users

One of the bigger oxymoron’s the media uses is the term “non-violent drug offenders.” Whatever you may think about drug use, the reality is that drug users are far more dangerous to kids than sex offenders, both in terms of the harm they cause and the life/death threat they pose. Here are some recent examples of this: Grandmother Gets High, Leaves Baby to Drown In Whitewater Township, Ohio, a 42-year-old grandmother is in hot water after her infant grandson was … Continue reading →

Drugs Falling From the Sky

In late September, 2015, Maya Donnely thought she heard thunder in the early morning hours. But when she saw her carport in the morning, she found a hole in the roof, wood on the ground, a smashed dog house, and something else. The something else was 26 pounds of marijuana in a wrapped package.  Authorities believe it was dropped there by accident. Living near the Mexican border, she assumed the package was drugs and immediately called the police. Nogales Police … Continue reading →

Driving Drunk & Then Forgetting Your Son

We’re used to seeing a lot of stories involving kids accidentally left in cars, but non quite like this one. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a 22-year-old man was charged for leaving his 3-year-old son overnight in an abandoned car. According to reports, the man told police that he was driving home drunk with the boy in the car (already a candidate for father of the year) when he got a flat tire. So he left the car and went home, leaving … Continue reading →

Dogs on Meth

In Jackson County, Florida, a man thought his dog was sick, so the took him to the vet. He was shaking constantly, pacing & panting, and overall acting unusual. The vet examined his dog, whose name is Little Guy. When the animal tested positive for methamphetamine’s, the man was arrested for animal cruelty. I’ll be honest, I find this case a little bit disturbing. All drug use can lead to some kind of second hand exposure. Are we really going … Continue reading →

Children Killed by Drunk Drivers

We all know the danger presented by drunk drivers, and documenting every child killed by them (several thousand a year) could consume the entire website.  Instead, we’ve chronicled some of the more memorable stores or unusual ways that drunk drivers have killed children — likely through accidents you would have never thought about. Grilling On The Porch Turns Deadly In Houston, Texas, a 7-year-old-boy-was-killed and a 4-year-old sibling suffered serious burns after a suspected drunk driver crashed into their porch … Continue reading →

Woman Faces Abuse Charge For Pulling Child Down Street On Leash

People do some stupid things when they’re drunk. But this next case has to go down as one for the parental drunkenness Hall of Shame. Twenty-five-year-old Pamela Seidel of Mandan, ND, is facing a class C felony child abuse charge, after witnesses called in to say she was pulling a child down the street with a dog leash … at night … in the middle of the road … amidst traffic … while drunk. She was dragging her less than … Continue reading →