The Most Noble Reason For A Bank Robbery You’ve Ever Heard

In Salem, Massachusetts, a man was arrested and charged with stealing nearly 23,000 dollars in four separate bank robberies. When probed for a reason for his crime spree, 28-year-old Justin Hanlon had a unique response: he needed the money in order to pay back child support so that he could see his 5-year-old son again. He had lost his job six months ago and was deeply in debt. There are all sorts of problems created by our adversarial child support … Continue reading →

Teddy Bears For Food

In Franklin, Ohio, a seven-year-old boy was hungry because he hadn’t eaten in days, so he devised a clever way to try and get some cash: He decided he would try to sell his teddy bear for food. His proposition caught the eye of police officer Steve Dunham. The officer took him to subway for a sandwich. Tammy and Michael Bethel, the boys parents, are facing child endangerment charges after the authorities found four other boys, ages 11, 12, 15, … Continue reading →

Today’s Lesson: Don’t Discipline Children By Leaving Them In The Woods

There are certain things that should go without saying: don’t use the baby as a football, don’t have kids help you with your illegal marijuana operation (see Second Graders Story Leads To Pot Bust), and don’t abandon your kids in a dense, bear-infested forest or leave them on the side of the road. But in moments of frustration, parents can loose their common sense. In fact, the act of parenting has sometimes been described as the process of slowly loosing … Continue reading →

Stop Egging Houses . . . Mom!

Many parents strive to be seen as the cool parent, the mom all the other teens see as someone they can talk to and relate with. But some parents take this concept a little too far. In Ogden, Utah, a mother was recently charged with vandalism in an incident that occurred on August 20th. That was the night, police say, she drove around town with her daughter and some of her daughter’s friends egging cars and homes in the area. … Continue reading →

Parents Gone Mad: The Crazy Things Parents Do

Woman Gives Away Daughter for Drugs In Pleasant Plain, Ohio, a woman stands accused of giving her 11-year-old daughter to Cincinnati drug dealer in exchange for some heroine.  She was indicted on 27 counts.  (3/23/15)  Believe it or not, cases of parents trying to sell or trade their kids for drugs are not that uncommon. Reliving Your High School Days In Madison, Wisconsin, an appeals court upheld the sentence of three years confinement in a mental health facility for a … Continue reading →

Woman Trades Kids for a Pet Bird

2-27-09 A Louisiana woman has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, after she allegedly traded two young children for a pet bird and $175. Fifty-three-year-old Donna Greenwell, a long-haul trucker from Pitkin, was at a livestock barn when she noticed a posted flier selling a cockatoo for $1,500. She called the number, and that’s when she met the Romeros. Paul Romero, 46, and Brandy Lynn Romero, 27, of Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, were the ones selling the bird. When Donna showed up … Continue reading →

Mom Charged For Pointing Toy Gun At Kids

4-20-2007 Twenty-six-year-old Heather Nicole Berg, the mother of a kindergartner at Church Hill Elementary School, was charged with assault for allegedly pointing a cap-gun at kids in her child’s kindergarten class. She was also banned from the school for a year. The incident happened on a Tuesday, just one day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. Heather was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. Witnesses report that she pulled the gun out of her purse … Continue reading →