Firework Accidents – Children Injured or Killed by Fireworks

 Children Injured or Killed by Fireworks Boy Seriously Injured by Fireworks In Farmington, Wisconsin, a 12-year-old boy suffered a head injury after being hit by fireworks discharged at home during a 4th of July party.  He was airlifted to Froedogert Hospital in Milwaukee.  (USA Today, 7-6-2009, p. 7A) Kids Playing With Fireworks Boy Burns Down Home In Odenton, Maryland, a family’s home suffered extensive damage after a 12-year-old boy played with fireworks in his bedroom.  According to authorities, the boy … Continue reading →

Fourth of July Display Sends Spectators Running

July 4, 2008 Visitors to a fourth of July fireworks display in Charles City, Iowa, got a lot more than they bargained for when one of the pyrotechnic shells misfired. It sent a fireball skidding down the street and into a crowd of spectators. At least 37 people were injured in the accident, including several children. “It was like a bunch of little fireworks just coming toward us,” said Emily Watson, who was at the display. “They started to explode. … Continue reading →