Beware: Bullets From Above

Most people stuck by stray bullets are on the same level as the person doing the shooting. But bullets don’t just travel left or right, they can also go up or doen. A Providence, Rhode Island man found this out the hard way when he was struck in the shoulder in his own home by a stray bullet that had been fired from the apartment above him. Thankfully, the 20-yera-old man is expected to recover. … Continue reading →

Camper Killed by Stray Bullet

A 60-year-old man was killed near a campsite in Pike National Forest, struck by an “errant bullet” fired by someone nearby while he was camping with his family.  It is unknown who was shooting near the campsite.  The accident happened this past Friday night . . . another example of how careless gun owners endanger us all.

Stray Bullet Narrowly Misses Toddler

In Tanola County, Mississippi, a toddler was injured by flying glass as a stray bullet shattered the window of his family’s truck as they drove down the road.  But it could have been much worse, Nicole Morris, the boy’s mother says the bullet narrowly missed her two-year-old son hunter, passing through the headrest on the passenger side before ending up on the driver’s side rear view mirror.

Stray Bullets

Bullets Dropping From The Sky In Memphis, Tennessee, a 9-year-old child was hit in the head with a bullet during  a 4th-of-July party at Tom Lee Park.  Police said a bullet from a high powered rifle hit the child’s head, and then struck a 33 year-old woman before landing on the blanket.  The round did not pierce the skin of either, likely because it had lost its velocity and was free-falling from the sky – but I’m sure it hurt … Continue reading →

Child Riddled with Stray Bullets While Walking Down the Street

It happens time and time again. When guns get drawn and shots are fired, an innocent bystander seems to get gunned down as often as the intended targets. That is exactly what happened in Denver, Colorado, in an incident that left a little girl riddled with bullets. Eight-year-old Sierra Moore was walking down the street with her teenage aunt at around 7 p.m. on a Friday night, in the Curtis Park area of Lower Downtown Denver. That’s when the night … Continue reading →

Stray Bullet Kills Child And Her Aunt

1-1-08 You  know  how  in  the  movies,  people  will  get  into  a gunfight and duck behind any wall to shield themselves from the bullets? Peeking out from behind their cover to fire  at each other? Well that’s the movies, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in real life. It’s a lesson that was learned the hard way for a Colorado community.   Eleven-year-old  Angelica  Martinez  was celebrating the new year with family, inside a home in the 4700 block of … Continue reading →