Ski Lift Falls, Injuring Eight

In Maine, 5 adults and 3 kids were injured when a ski lift fell at the Sugarloaf Ski Resort, 120 miles north of Portland. Workers were doing maintenance on the lift at the time, though it was unclear precisely what caused the accident. It’s believed that fresh snow from a recent blizzard helped cushion the fall and prevented the incident from being much worse. (Dec. 29, 2010) … Continue reading →

Sledding Accidents Involving Children

Boy on Sled Struck By Car In Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, a 7-year-old boy was killed at the Hyak Sno-Park at Snoqualmie Pass while sledding. Jacob Ponce-Espionozo apparently flew off his sled into a roadway and was struck by a passing car. He was airlifted to a Seattle medical center, where he died. (USA Today, 2-21-2011 p. 4A) Boy Hit by ATV While Sledding In Port Orchard, Washington, a man was charged with vehicular assault and hit and run after striking … Continue reading →

Ski Accidents Involving Children

Girl Falls From Chair Lift In Salt Lake City, Utah, a 4-year-old girl was in serious condition after falling 30 to 40 feet from a chair lift while at the Alta Ski Area.  The girl was found face down in the snow and not breathing when ski patrol arrived, but was revived with CPR.  (USA Today 12-21-2009, p.14A) … Continue reading →

Four-Year-Old Tumbles from Ski Lift

A family trip to a ski-resort almost ended in tragedy, after a 4-year-old girl fell off a ski lift. She was riding on the Sunnyside lift with an adult woman at the Alta Ski resort, when she somehow tumbled out of the chair and fell 30 to 40 feet to the ground below. (The woman’s relationship to the child was not known, and authorities weren’t releasing the names of either her or the child to the public.) The incident occurred … Continue reading →

Tongues Really Do Stick To Flagpoles

1-25-08 Nothing you see on TV is real, right? That’s what two fourth-graders in Indiana thought when they mimicked a scene from the movie “a Christmas story,” betting that their tongues wouldn’t really stick to a cold flagpole if they licked it. Turns out, some things you see on TV really are true! The two boys, Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander, were on flag duty at Jackson Elementary school one chilly Friday morning. They were in charge of rising and … Continue reading →

9-year-old Killed in Sledding Accident

10-19-2007 Authorities have charged a Vancouver, Washington man with vehicular homicide, after a sledding accident killed his 9-year-old daughter. The accident occurred January 16, 2007. The father, Peter Gecho, was pulling his daughter, Madison, on an inner-tube attached by rope to the back of his pickup truck. The inner-tube went out of control and slammed into a low lying brick wall, killing the child. Witnesses reported that the girl was not wearing a helmet. They also observed that Gecho had … Continue reading →