Bullets Flying At Day Care Centers

When you drop your kids off at child care, you might expect a toy or two to be flying around, but certainly not bullets. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Calumet City, Illinois. A 47-year-old day care worker was going about her normal routine when a bullet flew through the window at the facility, striking her in the face and injury that sent her to the hospital. Needles to say the woman wasn’t the intended target. It’s just one more … Continue reading →

Bad Babysitters

Child Found Wandering Highway In Devils Lake, North Dakota, an 18-year-old babysitter was arrested after the 3-year-old child she was supposed to be caring for was found standing in the middle of Highway 20. According to authorities, the tot wandered from an apartment building when the young woman went into the garage to smoke marijuana. A sheriff’s deputy got the child off the road safely. (USA Today, 4-23-2010, p.6A) The Babysitter Made Me Smoke Pot! In Council Bluffs, Iowa, a … Continue reading →

Accidental Deaths at Daycare

Baby Drowns In Sink In Havre, Montana, a day care provider was charged with negligent homicide for the drowning of a 6 month old girl in her care in 2006.  The woman said she left Jenna Unruh in a bathing suit in a sink while she went to another room to change another infant’s diaper. When she returned, the baby’s head was under water. (USA Today 8-1-2008, p. 9A) Child Chokes on Carrot In Hickville, New York, the state of … Continue reading →

Various Child Care Murders

Unrestrained Anger In Lincolnshire, Illinois, a 22 year-old woman was charged with first degree murder in the death of a toddler at a day care center where she was working. Police say Melissa Calasinski admitted  that she became angry with 16-month-old Benjamin Kinkan and threw him to the floor.  An autopsy of the boy revealed a fractured skull and internal bleeding. (USA Today 1-20-2009, p. 9A) Found Guilty In East Tennessee, a former daycare owner was found guilty of first … Continue reading →

Teen Kills Boy While ‘Wrestling’

(June, 2007) A 13-year-old boy was charged with criminal homicide and taken to a juvenile detention center, after killing a 5-year-old who he said he was practicing wrestling moves with. The boy later died from his injuries at an area hospital. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. The incident occurred in the home where the boys lived, and the younger child’s mother was not home at the time of the incident. A man who was babysitting was in … Continue reading →

Infant Dies After Pacifier Taped To His Mouth

6-19-07 A Lake Stevens, Washington woman was charged with manslaughter in the death of her 4-month-old son. Bail was set at $500,000. Bonnie M. Desmond, 19, told authorities that she had taped a pacifier to the infants mouth to keep it from falling out. The youngster ended up suffocating after the tape obstructed his airway. … Continue reading →

Tot Bound With Masking Tape Dies

May 2007 A 2-year-old was taken off of life support, after suffering injuries he received with his day care provider. Vicki Leigh Chiles was being held without bail on a complaint of first degree murder. Chjiles told police the boy would not be quiet for nap time, so she used tape to silence him, according to an arrest report. It is believed the 2-year-old had his hands bound and his mouth covered with masking tape. Chiles was the only worker … Continue reading →