All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Accidents

Boy Impelled with Stick While Riding ATV In Newark, Ohio, a 13 year old boy was recovering after being impaled through the stomach by a stick while riding on the back of a four-wheeler at the Ohio Mudfest.  The stick narrowly missed a major artery.  Blade Wil-liams apparently pulled the stick out himself, and later had surgery at Columbus Hospital to remove and reconstruct more than six inches of his bowels, colon and intestines. (USA Today 10-1-14, p. 4A) Boy … Continue reading →

Two Girls Fall Into Mine While Riding ATV

9-1-07 A family recreational outing turned deadly over the weekend when two girls on an ATV fell down a 125-foot mine shaft. They were riding along with their father in an area of the Arizona  desert  in  Chloride,  about  17  miles  North  of Kingman. The father was on a dirt-bike riding ahead of the girls. He looked back and noticed they were missing around 7 p.m. on Saturday. Searchers were unable to locate the girls until about 6:20 A.M. on … Continue reading →