Black Bear Goes to School

When you live in Montana, you know that living in close proximity to wildlife comes with the territory. ‘It’s the bear’s territory,’ they say, ‘we just live in it.’ Some bears take this idea to a whole new level. In the town of Bozeman, a black bear was spotted in high a school … casually walking down the hallway. The bear had apparently entered through an open garage door. He didn’t stay long, exiting the building just a few minutes … Continue reading →

Hungry Bear Goes on Pie Binge

In Lyons, Colorado, a local bear smelled something sweet.  So it entered through a window in a local pie shop and helped itself to some pies.  All told, the bear ate 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies, according to the owner of the Colorado Cherry Company.  I think the town found a new winner for their annual pie eating contest. … Continue reading →

Weird But True Animal Stories

Painting Donkeys Into Zebras In 2010, a Gaza Zoo made headlines when it used masking tape and black hair dye to paint a donkey and turn it into a zebra after an Israeli embargo prevented them from getting the real thing. “The children don’t know,” said Mohammad Dargouthi, “and they are happy to see something new.” Yet another reason to feel sorry for the poor children of Palestine, as if another reason were really needed. Cat Causes Mercury Scare In … Continue reading →

Weird But True Animal Stories

Frozen Cows In A Cabin In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, authorities were contemplating the use of explosives to dislodge a herd of cows that apparently wandered into an old ranger cabin at 11,000 and got stuck there.  They died and froze solid, creating a giantblock of frozen cows.  The carcasses were discovered in late march by a pair of Air Force Academy cadets that were snow shoeing.  It appears the animals had sought the cabin out as shelter during … Continue reading →

Stories of Dogs Saving People

Jogger saved by Dog In Saugus, Massachusetts, police say a local woman may have been saved by her barking dog.  The woman was jogging with her dog when a man approached her holding a knife.  The woman’s dog started barkinig, causing other dogs in the area to join in.  All the barking appears to have spoked the suspect, who ran away. (USA Today, 10-3-2014) … Continue reading →

Dog Helps Little Girl Survive the Night

February 2010 Three-year-old Victoria Bensch of Corder Lakes, Arizona, was playing outside her home on a late February afternoon when she disappeared. One of the family’s dogs, Blue, was also missing. Authorities weren’t sure if she wandered off looking for the dog or if the two were even together, but since there were no signs of foul play, police assumed that the girl was merely lost. As night set in and temperatures dipped into the low thirties, authorities launched a … Continue reading →

Chihuahua Saves Toddler From Rattlesnake

July 2007 It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. At least that seems to be the case with Zoey, a five-pound Chihuahua, who sprang into action when a rattlesnake threatened her owners 1-year-old grandson. Little Booker West was having fun at Grammy and Grandpa’s house in Masonville, Colorado. He was blissfully splashing his hands in a backyard birdbath, when the snake slithered up to the toddler, rattled, and … Continue reading →