Roller Coaster Accidents

Preschooler Dies After Fall From Coaster In suburban Chicago, police were investigating the demise of a 3-year-old boy who fell to his death while riding an amusement park roller coaster with his twin brother. Jayson Dansby was near the front of the Python Pit coaster when he apparently dipped under the safety bar and fell. A Cook County medical examiner said Jayson died at the scene from head injuries. The incident occurred at Go Bananas Park in Northridge. (USA Today, … Continue reading →

Children Injured or Killed in Go-Cart Accidents

Girl Dies on Track In Grand Junction, Colorado, a go-Kart accident at Grand Junction Motor Speed-way left a 9-year-old girl dead. The girl, Taylor Duncan, was killed when she hit a track vehicle while traveling at about 50 m.p.h. A grand jury’s ruling in the case remains sealed. Stacey Cook, owner of the Grand Junction Motor Speedway, says everyone involved in the accident bears some responsibility. (USA Today, 5-25-2011, p. 5A) Hit and Run In Colorado, 8-year-old Quinton Von Duyke … Continue reading →

Children Injured or Killed In Parades

Boy Run Over by Parade Float In Menan, Idaho, a 6-year-old boy was expected to survive after being run over by a float during a Fourth of July parade. Jefferson County Sheriff’s official Mickey Earner said the boy was riding on the back of a vehicle pulling a float during the parade when he reportedly jumped off and was struck by the float. (USA Today, 6-7-2010, p. 5A) Girl Killed by Parade Float In Texas, a fourth-grade honor student from … Continue reading →

Children Injured or Killed at Amusement Parks

* See also: Roller Coaster Accidents Miniature Train Derailment Kills Child In Spartanburg, South Carolina, 6-year-old Benji Easler was killed and dozens of other injured when the miniature train they were riding on derailed on March 19th, 2011.  A coroner’s report said excessive speed led to the accident; the train was going more than 10 MPH above recommended speeds when it derailed. The state safety inspector admitted that he never tested the children’s train ride that killed the boy.  Prosecutors … Continue reading →

Children Injured Or Killed in Bounce House Accidents

Memorial Day, 2015 In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a sudden weather change sent  a waterspout ashore rapidly and without warning, bringing forceful winds that have been estimated at between 65 and 85 miles per hour. After it came ashore on the Florida beach, it hit an inflated bouncy castle, tossing it into the air and sending three children to the hospital. All 3 children were under 8 years old, and each fell from the bouncy house onto the sand as it … Continue reading →

Children Gunned Down At Little Girls Birthday Party

4/6/2008 A birthday party for a 9-year-old girl turned senselessly tragic on a Sunday night in Fort Worth, Texas, as a gunman fired into the group with a high powered rifle. About a dozen children were outside the apartment in the 5700 block of Anderson St. in Southeast Fort Worth, when someone fired 11 shots in their direction. As everyone ran inside for cover, the barrage of bullets began again, whizzing through the walls and window of the apartment. When … Continue reading →

Preschooler Hit By Car At Birthday Party

3-30-08 A 3-year-old Arizona boy was hit by a truck while playing outside at a birthday party. The boy apparently ran out into the street while playing among friends and was struck. Several other children at the party witnessed the accident. The boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He received serious head injuries, but emergency personnel reported he was crying and responsive on the way to the hospital. Doctors later upgraded his condition to stable and expected … Continue reading →

Teen Falls to Her Death From Amusement Park Ride

7-15-07 A festival ride was being investigated Sunday, after a 16-year-old girl fell to her death while riding it. The accident occurred at a local festival in OshKosh, Wisconsin. Elizabeth K. Mohl, fell between 40 and 50 feet, from a ride called ‘Air Glory.’ According to witnesses, 2 people went up in the ride, which swings back and forth like a giant swing. When the release was pulled, witnesses heard a snapping sound, and Elizabeth fell, while the other person … Continue reading →

Drunk Tractor Driver Runs Over Boy

7-4-07 Police have charged the driver of a tractor participating in a fourth-of-July parade, in Sedalia, CO, with DUI, child abuse and careless driving charges after he ran over a 6-year-old boy. Witnesses said that the tractor, driven by 79-year-old David Curtis, had started to go the wrong way on the parade route amidst a group of children riding bicycles. Bystanders began yelling at the driver to stop, but he continued and struck the boy, with the tractor corning to … Continue reading →

Girl Hospitalized After Hitting Her Head While Riding Teacups

June 2007 In a sobering example of how precarious head injuries can be, and how innocent the activity can be which causes them, a 13-year-old girl earned a trip to the intensive care unit, after hitting her head while riding the teacups at a local amusement park. Most people are familiar with the classic children’s ride, usually found in the kiddie section of fairs and amusement parks. You sit on it and spin yourself around while it spins around. It … Continue reading →