Baby-deforming Mosquitoes Causing Wide Spread Birth Defects

Here’s a new threat for perspective parents to worry about: Zika, a mosquito born virus, has been linked to wide spread birth defects, and in particular causes children to be born with smaller-than-usual brains. In 2015 the virus spread through Brazil, affecting as many as 1.3 million people. This has caused several South American governments to take the unusual step of telling women to avoid pregnancy altogether. El Salvador even issued an advisory warning women to avoid pregnancy until at … Continue reading →

A Decision No Parent Wants to Make

Go the hospital, or go to Heaven? That was the decision a family in Oregon allowed their terminally ill 4-year-old daughter to make. The girl chose Heaven. Juliana Snow, who is now five, suffers from a rare neurodegenerative disease called Charcot-marie-tooth disease. It has caused her to become so weak that even a minor cold could turn into phnemonia. If she gets sick again, it’s unlikely that Doctors can save her life, and if they manage to do so, she … Continue reading →

Death By Peanut

In Littleton, Colorado, a teenage boy died after accidentally eating something with peanuts. Sixteen-year-old Simon Katz was attending a home-coming week bonfire at Chatfield High School, and apparently consumed a treat containing peanuts.  He later died at an area hospital. Though relatively rare, around 100 people die each year from similar allergic reactions, most of them to food allergies. Some people are so sensitive that even trace amounts can be lethal. Case in point: one teenage girl died after kissing … Continue reading →

Child Faith-Healing Deaths & Kids Killed Over Their Parent’s Religious Beliefs or During Religious Rituals

Toddler Dies of Pneumonia Infection In Oregon City, Oregon, a 15-month-old girl died on March 2 at her home from  pneumonia and a related infection. Her parents, members of Oregon City’s Followers of Christ, could face charges for failing to seek treatment. Doctors say the girl could have easily been saved, but she wasn’t treated because of her parents’ religious beliefs. (USA Today, 3-24-2008, p. 13A) Girl with Diabetes Dies In Wausau, Wisconsin, a couple was on trial accused of … Continue reading →

The Kiss of Deaf

June 2008 It was a simple kiss. Not the type of thing one would guess to be a hurtful thing. It certainly wasn’t something Gail Schwartzman’s 4-year-old daughter expected to hurt her mother when she gave it. Mom had been out of the house that day, and the little girl missed her. “When I returned, I went to say a big hello to my daughter. She was 4-years-old at the time. She was sitting on the floor watching TV, and … Continue reading →

A Study: The Quality of Child Health Care Varies By State

5-28-08 The quality of health care your child receives can vary greatly depending on the state in which you live, according to a new report by the Commonwealth Fund. The private health foundation found great disparities from state to state in a variety of areas, from infant mortality rates to the percentage of kids who see a doctor or dentist every year. For instance, vaccination rates among children for five recommended vaccines to be given between 19 months and 3 … Continue reading →

Panel Urges FDA To Recall Cold & Cough Medicines For Children

10-10-07 On Friday, October 10’th 2007, experts commissioned by the FDA recommended that the Food and Drug Administration pull approval for all cold and cough medicines for children under 6, a move considered long overdue by many pediatricians and child safety experts. Many drug makers, anticipating the release of the study, had already made a move to preemptively withdraw all cold medicines aimed at children under two a week earlier. The Facts & Findings: 1) Cold  medicines  marketed  towards  children  … Continue reading →