Bad Chinese Food? Don’t Call 911!

In the town of Alliance, Ohio, a 44-year-old woman apparently became upset because the Chinese food she ordered inside the Main Moon Chinese Restaurant was not to her liking.  So she called 911 to rectify the situation.  Police showed up at the scene, not to help her with her order, but to arrest her on charges of 911 abuse, a misdemeanor. She isn’t the first person to be arrested after discontent with their food order, and she won’t be the … Continue reading →

Dumb 911 Calls

In Redford, Michigan, two woman asked to test drive a vehicle from the Matick Chevrolet dealership, but the salesman became suspicious that they were bumming a free ride when they instead drove to a McDonalds to buy food.  When the driver ignored orders to stop the car, the salesman called 911 to report that he was being kidnapped and held against his will. (2/12/2015)