Boy Follows Dog . . . To The Bottom Of A Hole

At a home outside Brookhaven, in Lincoln County Mississippi, a grandmother was enjoying a quiet afternoon with her grandson. The family dog had been missing for two to three days, having mysteriously vanished from around the family’s property. Then just like a dog, four-year-old Gabe Allbritton went missing. A frantic search ensued, and the boy was discovered at the bottom of a 23 foot hole . . . along with his dog. It is believed that Gabe somehow heard his … Continue reading →

Girl Swallowed by the Earth in Neighbor’s Backyard

On one sunny Saturday in June, a mother and her daughter played tag in the front yard of their home in Hackettstown, New Jersey.  With her mother Marlen close behind, Alyson Machigua giggled as she ran into the back yard of an elderly neighbor. When she was about halfway across the neighbor’s yard the toddler suddenly disappeared.  It was as though she had been swallowed by the earth.  The girl had fallen into a hole that was later found to … Continue reading →

Toddler Dies From Fall From Apartment

In Lakewood, Ohio, a 1-year-old toddler is dead after falling from the 9th-floor window of an apartment building early Thursday morning.  The boy landed 72 feet below in a gravel area.  Police are still investigating the incident. This story should serve as a good reminder to make sure that you don’t have cribs or furniture up against the window that a child could climb on.  Many accidents like this happen when a child climbs up and leans out too far, … Continue reading →

Children Injured or Killed By Falling Trees

Girl Crushed In Her Own Home In Arnold, California, an 8-year-old girl, Haley Verzani, was killed after a 100-foot-tall tree fell onto the family’s house. The tree, with a trunk that was 3 feet in diameter, had been uprooted by a nearby creek. (March 20, 2012) Falling Tree Crushes Child In Hastings Township, Michigan a  6-year-old boy was stuck and killed  by a tree that his father had cut down to clear a field.  According to state troopers the father … Continue reading →

Children Killed by Falling Objects

Air-Conditioner Crushes Child In Huntsville, Alabama, the family of a 5-year-old boy was suing after he was crushed by an air-conditioner during an air show at Huntsville International Airport. Josiah Miller and his father had taken up shelter behind a tent during a storm when the tents became dislodged by winds, causing the air conditioner to fall. The suit claims 20 hospitality tents were anchored improperly. (USA Today, 6-25-2010) Oven Tips Over, Killing Tot In Las Vegas, Nevada, a 17-month-old … Continue reading →

Children Falling Down Holes

Child Dies In Crevice In New Mexico, the search for a 4-year-old boy came to a sad conclusion after searchers discovered the child’s body inside a deep, narrow hole in a neighbor’s backyard. The boy was reported missing on Saturday and was initially the subject of an AMBER alert. A renewed house-to-house search had just started Sunday when a detective discovered the 14-inch-wide hole. Searchers later sent a camera down inside the hole, confirming the child’s body was about 30 … Continue reading →

Two Girls Fall Into Mine While Riding ATV

9-1-07 A family recreational outing turned deadly over the weekend when two girls on an ATV fell down a 125-foot mine shaft. They were riding along with their father in an area of the Arizona  desert  in  Chloride,  about  17  miles  North  of Kingman. The father was on a dirt-bike riding ahead of the girls. He looked back and noticed they were missing around 7 p.m. on Saturday. Searchers were unable to locate the girls until about 6:20 A.M. on … Continue reading →