Coaches Save Boy With CPR

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, two coaches from Patrick Henry Middle School were credited with saving the life of a 13-year-old boy who collapsed during basketball practice by administering CPR until paramedics arrived.  (2/13/2015)  An important lesson: many people assume CPR has failed if it doesn’t actually revive a person.  In reality, this revival seldom happens.  The primary purpose of CPR is to keep blood circulating until paramedics arrive with more sophisticated methods to restart the heart.  So don’t get … Continue reading →

Teacher Uses CPR to Save Toddler

8-16-07 A father and son were talking on the front lawn with the little boy’s aunt. Dad walked across the street to talk with a neighbor, thinking the two-year-old was with the aunt. The aunt had gone inside the house thinking the boy was following her. He wasn’t. The boy had started across the road to his father, when they heard a loud thud and the screeching tires. A gray Mitsubishi pickup, driven by a suspected drunk driver, hit the … Continue reading →