All Good Mother’s Duct Tape Their Children

Here’s a tip: if you want to prove you’re not a bad mother, duct tape your children to chairs. Or at least that’s the dubious logic that led to one of the more unique cases of child abuse we’ve seen. ‘Mommie Dearest’ with duct tape restraint A mother and her boyfriend wanted their kids to watch the movie “Mommie Dearest” to show the kids that she wasn’t in fact, the worlds meanest mom. But apparently, the kids weren’t to keen … Continue reading →

Poop Injector To Go To Court

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a 35-year-old mother who is accused of injecting feces into her 9-year-old son’s IV at a local hospital turned down a plea deal and wants to go to trial. She was indicted this January on two counts of felonious assault and two counts of child endangerment, and faces up to 8 years in prison if convicted. May 7, 2015 … Continue reading →

Death by Grape Soda

In early 2014, a 5-year-old girl died by being forced to drink two liters of grape soda and water over a one to two hour period. This caused brain swelling, and she died of water intoxication at a local hospital.  Her parents were arrested on charges of child abuse resulting in death.  They were apparently using this as punishment.

Grandma Convicted of Capital Murder

3/22/15 In Gaesden, Alabana, 49 year old Joyce Hardin Gerrard was found guilty of capital murder for the 2012 death of her granddaughter, 9-year-old Savannah Hardin.  It was a high profile child abuse case, in which the girl collapsed and died after being forced to run for more than 3 hours as punishment for lying about eating candy bars.  The jury will now decide on whether or not to apply the death penalty.  Hopefully, this tragedy can serve as a … Continue reading →

Man Accused of Biting Off 3-Year-Olds Lip & Ear

7-5-07 A man pleaded not guilty on Thursday and was ordered to be held without bail, after allegedly biting off the lip and ear of his girlfriends 3-year old daughter. Bryon James, 34, has been charged with assault and battery upon a child causing substantial bodily injuries. The child’s mother, Jessica Silveria, 26, also pleaded not guilty to permitting substantial injuries to a child under 14, and intimidation of a witness. The attack left the little girl so mutilated that … Continue reading →

Satan To Blame For Microwaved Baby

5-22-07 The mother of a baby who received serious burns after being microwaved by her father, told a Houston television station, KHOU, that Satan was to blame for her husbands actions. Maurie Mauldin, 20, stated that the devil “saw my husband as a threat” due to the fact that he was trying to become a preacher. The baby girl was released from the hospital after 11 days. She had received the burns after being placed in the microwave oven of … Continue reading →