Preschooler Dies in Toy Chest Accident

Falls and falling objects are one of the most prominent dangers for young children. Yet many parents do not seem to realize exactly how little it can take to kill a child. One often overlooked danger is the toy chest. Ones that aren’t built for safety can kill a child if the lid falls down onto them. That’s exactly what happened to a three-year-old Chandler, Arizona girl. On December 1st, 2009, Chandler firefighters were summoned to a house in the … Continue reading →

Exterminators Pesticide Use Causes Deaths Of Two Young Girls

April 8, 2010 When you call an exterminator, you expect them to help you get rid of pests. You don’t expect that your children will be exterminated in the process. That is precisely what happened to 15-month-old Rachel Toone and her 4-year-old sister, Rebecca. The two siblings died three days apart after battling for their life in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Both were poisoned after breathing in high levels of phosphorus at their home in February. They … Continue reading →

Children Crushed In Apartment Stairwell Collapse

July 17, 2008 In America, you don’t expect buildings to collapse without warning or provocation. This is why residents of a Houston apartment complex were shocked when a stairwell did just that, crushing several boys inside. It all started with an innocent game of hide and seek. Ten-year-old David Vasquez, 5-year-old Miguel Robledo, and a 9-year-old friend who was not identified, were playing the game in the stairwell of their apartment complex at about 7:40 p.m. That’s when disaster struck. … Continue reading →

Butter Knife Imbedded into Boys Head

4-13-08 Safety specialists are known for saying: “If there is a way for kids to injure themselves with it, they’ll find that way.” We can now add ‘butter knives’ to the growing list of thought-to-be-safe items, after a Vancouver, Washington boy managed to get one imbedded into his head. Of course, they were doing something they shouldn’t at the time-playing with knives. But hey, they were butter knives, they figured. What could possibly go wrong? They were tossing them around, … Continue reading →

Chlorine Fumes Send Kids to Hospital

2-29-08 Teachers at Lincoln Elementary School were trying to do the right thing with their kids … but they picked the wrong pool to do it in. Their kindergartners were learning about, of all things, water safety at a local nursing home pool. They ended up getting a hands on lesson of a different kind. After about 30 minutes in the water, the kids started to have difficulties breathing, according to Mary Ellen Marnholtz, spokeswoman for the Wausau School District … Continue reading →

Boy Gets Stuck In Washer

2-3-08 We tell kids to stay out of small places for good reason. Most of the time, the stories we follow of children climbing into dishwashers or fridges end with funeral arrangements. But there’s another reason not to climb into such things: you can get stuck. A 4-year-old Ohio boy found that out the hard way over the weekend, after climbing into his family’s top-loading washing machine. Little Donovon Hasseman found himself wedged up against the agitator (dutifully named) with … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Dies After Hitting Head On Coffee Table

12-20-07 A freak accident just a few days before Christmas left a 3-year-old dead and emergency personnel trying to piece together exactly what happened. The boy likely died from bleeding in the brain caused from an acute blow to the head. The preschooler was running around the room in his Mesa, Arizona home, when he tripped and fell forward, hitting his head on a coffee table.  His mother tended to his injury, and afterwards he seemed to be OK.  She … Continue reading →

Rubbery Toddler Takes A Licken’ And Keeps On Ticken’

11-22-07 A 14-month-old boy crawled out a third-floor apartment window, falling three stories onto a store roof below. The boy was apparently left unattended or wandered off while the family was engaged in their Thanksgiving festivities. His relatives said that they thought the window he fell out of was closed. But not only did little Brandon Priebe survive the fall, he didn’t even break a bone. The boy fell about twenty feet onto the roof of a neighboring music store, … Continue reading →

Toddler Run Over By His Mother

July 2007 A driveway accident seriously injured a 2-year-old boy, when he was hit by a car his mother was driving. The boy, Eli Wolf, was flown by helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Denver, where he was being treated and was listed in serious condition. The accident happened a little bit before 7:00 p.m., at the victims home in Larimer County, Colorado. The victims mother, 33, was driving the car at the time, and was attempting to park her vehicle … Continue reading →

When SUV’s Attack

7-4-07 Most parents expect the backyard to be one of the last remaining safe places to play. Which is why parents of a little girl in Westminster, Colorado, are shocked after she was hit by a car … in her own backyard. The 4-year-old was playing by herself in the backyard of heparents home, when she was run over by a neighbor’s SUV. The vehicle crashed through the fence, struck the girl, drug her several feet, then crashed through the … Continue reading →