Alligator Eats Burglar

In a strange case out of Brevard County, Florida, a man who was running from police after attempting to burglarize homes in the area was apparently killed by an alligator after he ventured into a lake. Twenty-two-year old Matthew Riggins told his girlfriend that he was heading over to Barefoot Bay Lake to rob houses with a friend. But when deputies responded to a call that two suspicious men were walking behind houses in the area dressed in black, the … Continue reading →

Revenge Sex With Alligators

It starts out like a bad bar joke: “A man saw another man screwing an alligator …” But in Florida, this actually happened. A passerby was concerned when he came upon a man having sex with an alligator. But even more puzzling was what he was saying. The man could be heard saying: “Next time time you try to kill a man, you best get the job done. Now you’re my bitch forever.” Apparently, this man had a good reason … Continue reading →

Strange, Unusual, or Just Plain Bizarre Animal Attacks

Cow Attacks Deputy in Street In Bullard, Texas, a sheriff’s deputy was seriously injured when a cow attacked him while he was directing traffic. Deputy Robert Britton, 54, was responding to a call of a cow hit by a vehicle. While he was trying to direct traffic away from the animal, the cow charged him, knocking him into the air. He was hospitalized in critical condition. (USA Today, 3-25-2011, 7A) Moose Attacks Boy at Bus Stop In Anchorage, Alaska, a … Continue reading →