Baby Survives 14 Hours In Submerged Car

In Utah, a baby survives for 14 hours strapped upside down in a car seat within a semi-submerged vehicle in sub-freezing temperatures. The car somehow veered off the road and landed upside down in the Spanish Fork River.  The wreck was not discovered until a fisherman spotted it the next day.  They baby was dressed in a fleece jumper suit and was held suspended just inches from the flowing water, which allowed it to survive.  Four firefighters & three policemen … Continue reading →

Kids Survive After Being Trapped Under Ferry

2-29-08 In an amazing tale of survival, rescue workers pulled a woman and her three children out from beneath the overturned hull of a ferry that capsized on Thursday. The accident occurred on a remote river in the Peruvian jungle, and killed at least 15 people, according to local police. 70 people were on board at the time, and 30 survived, with 25 who were still missing. The four were trapped underneath the hull for more than 20 hours. They … Continue reading →

Rubbery Toddler Takes A Licken’ And Keeps On Ticken’

11-22-07 A 14-month-old boy crawled out a third-floor apartment window, falling three stories onto a store roof below. The boy was apparently left unattended or wandered off while the family was engaged in their Thanksgiving festivities. His relatives said that they thought the window he fell out of was closed. But not only did little Brandon Priebe survive the fall, he didn’t even break a bone. The boy fell about twenty feet onto the roof of a neighboring music store, … Continue reading →

Child Survives 2 Days Naked In The Woods

6-15-07 A 5-year-old girl shocked searchers on Friday, when she emerged from the woods in the nude and holding raspberries. The child was scratched and naked, but otherwise OK. She had been feared dead after being swept away while boating with her grandfather Wednesday evening. Search crews had pulled the body of her grandfather from the Kankakee River in eastern Illinois just hours earlier. Hannah Klamecki’s wounds included scratches on her face and body, and thick dirt underneath her nails. … Continue reading →