Driving Drunk & Then Forgetting Your Son

We’re used to seeing a lot of stories involving kids accidentally left in cars, but non quite like this one. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a 22-year-old man was charged for leaving his 3-year-old son overnight in an abandoned car. According to reports, the man told police that he was driving home drunk with the boy in the car (already a candidate for father of the year) when he got a flat tire. So he left the car and went home, leaving … Continue reading →

Woman Faces Abuse Charge For Pulling Child Down Street On Leash

People do some stupid things when they’re drunk. But this next case has to go down as one for the parental drunkenness Hall of Shame. Twenty-five-year-old Pamela Seidel of Mandan, ND, is facing a class C felony child abuse charge, after witnesses called in to say she was pulling a child down the street with a dog leash … at night … in the middle of the road … amidst traffic … while drunk. She was dragging her less than … Continue reading →