Facebook Unfriending Leads to Double Homicide

In Jonesborough, Tennessee, a mother and daughter started trial this week over a double murder case that took place in 2012. The pair committed the killings because the daughter was unfriended on Facebook, according to prosecutors. Thirty-five-year-old Janelle Potter and 64-year-old Barbara Potter face life in prison if convicted in the deaths of Billie Jean Hayworth, 23, and Billy Payne, 36. Adding another gruesome detail to this story: the murdered couple’s 7-month-old son was found uninjured in his dead mother’s … Continue reading →

People Murdered for Silly or Trivial Reasons

Woman Beaten to Death Over Cigarette Twenty-two-year-old Ryan Bonnett was arrested on suspicion of murder for allegedly beating a woman to death for refusing to give him a cigarette. Eileen Pruitt, 47, died after emergency surgery. (USA Today, 10-20-2009, 6A) Two People Killed Over Garbage In New York, N.Y., police were searching for the man who stabbed two Manhattan subway riders to death during a weekend argument. A witness to the incident said one of the victims had thrown a … Continue reading →