Freak & Unusual Airplane Accidents

Woman Walks Into Airplane Propeller In May of 2014, a 14-year-old Ohio woman died after accidentally walking into a planes running propeller at a skydiving center. The coroner said she died of traumatic head injuries. Bouncing Babies One unusual threat that parents often overlook is the hazard of turbulence on airplanes.  While turbulence won’t bring down an airplane, it can cause a big enough jolt to send passengers flying, potentially breaking bones . . . or worse. A 20 pound … Continue reading →

Runaway Jet Kills 9 in Mexico City

7-5-07 A private cargo plane blew a tire during take-off Thursday morning at the Culiacan airport in Mexico City. The blown tire caused it to veer off-course, crashing through a runway fence and into a busy intersection, authorities said. The accident killed all 3 people aboard the jet, and 6 more on the ground, including 2 children. The 43-foot Sabreliner jet operated by Jett Paqueteria, struck an Oldsmobile carrying a family of four, as well as a Hummer carrying 2 … Continue reading →