Children Killed by Trains

Boy Falls on Tracks In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 12-year-old boy was killed while crossing the train tracks at Tecumseh Street and U.S. 75. Richard Brow apparently slipped and fell, and was unable to get up in time before he was struck by the train. (USA Today, 3-9-2012, p. 5A) Autistic Boy Hit By Train In Graham, North Carolina, a 10 year old boy with autism wandered away from his home and was then struck and killed by a train.  Police … Continue reading →

Child Playing On Tracks Hit By Train

10-25-07 Imagination got the better of three boys, who snuck past their grandmother’s watchful eye to set out on a search for dinosaur bones.  But it was a search that would turn deadly, for one of them. Five-year old Kevin Bradford, his cousin, also five, and Kevins seven-year-old brother set out on the search, which brought them to a set of train tracks near the house. While crossing the tracks, little Kevin and his friends heard a train approaching. But … Continue reading →