Storage Unit Fires, Opioed Overdoses, & Cockroach Friendss

Here are some notable stories from around the U.S. in the past week: In Bakersfield, California, a small child believed to be around 4 or 5-years-old died when the storage unit his family was living in caught on fire.   In Weymouth, Massachusetts, a 2-year-old girl was hospitalized after swallowing a synthetic opioid pill. If parents have a prescription for these they need to keep them well guarded. A single pill of some of these medications is enough to kill … Continue reading →

Beware The Lady In The Teddy Bear Scrubs

When most people think of their child being abducted by a stranger, their mind typically goes to the thought of a dirty old man in a van. Yet it isn’t just men who might be out there stalking their children. Police in Irmo, South Carolina, were on the lookout last week for a woman wearing scrubs with a teddy bear design on them who has been trying to lure preteen boys into her car. According to the police chief, she’s … Continue reading →

This Week In Child Safety

Some noticeable recent child safety stories:   Senator’s granddaughter drowns In Frankenmuth, Michigan, Republican State Senator Ken Horn’s 2-year-old granddaughter died while at the Senator’s house on Sunday after wandering away unattended and falling into a pool.   Kids really will get into anything In Sterling Heights, Michigan, firefighters were forced to use cutting tools to free 3 children who had accidentally locked themselves inside a gun safe. The 3- and 4-year-olds were playing in their home in suburban Detroit … Continue reading →

Why You Should Not Go Back In A Burning Building

Firefighters constantly tell people that they shouldn’t return to a burning building to rescue valuables or animals. Here’s why: In White City, Oregon, a man was able to successfully pull his wife and niece to safety when their home erupted in flames. Yet James “Jimmy” Nickerson the 3rd.  then went back into the house to try to rescue the 3 dogs, but didn’t make it back out alive. He died in the fire, along with two of the 3 dogs. … Continue reading →

Bullets Flying At Day Care Centers

When you drop your kids off at child care, you might expect a toy or two to be flying around, but certainly not bullets. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Calumet City, Illinois. A 47-year-old day care worker was going about her normal routine when a bullet flew through the window at the facility, striking her in the face and injury that sent her to the hospital. Needles to say the woman wasn’t the intended target. It’s just one more … Continue reading →

Teddy Bears For Food

In Franklin, Ohio, a seven-year-old boy was hungry because he hadn’t eaten in days, so he devised a clever way to try and get some cash: He decided he would try to sell his teddy bear for food. His proposition caught the eye of police officer Steve Dunham. The officer took him to subway for a sandwich. Tammy and Michael Bethel, the boys parents, are facing child endangerment charges after the authorities found four other boys, ages 11, 12, 15, … Continue reading →

Six-year-old Shot By Police

In  Marksville, Louisiana, a six-year-old boy was shot dead by police after his father apparently failed to stop for a routine traffic violation. The boy was hit 5 times, with bullets striking him in the head and chest. He was still buckled in the front seat when he died. According to the department the incident occurred after what they are calling a traffic chaise. There were no details on exactly how long this alleged chase is said to have occurred … Continue reading →

Boy Dies In Pit Bull Attack

Tanner Smith, just shy of his 6th birthday, was attacked by two pit bulls in the yard of his mothers friend. He was bitten at least 16 times, many of which were in his neck. Tanner’s mother had brought him with her to visit her friend. She thought her friends father, the owner of the dogs was in the yard with her son. When she realized her mistake, it was too late. Tanner was rushed to the hospital in nearby … Continue reading →

The Shoot-em-up Society

In the wake of the mass shooting at Umtqua Community College in Oregon, police in California say they have arrested 4 students in a plot to attack Summerville High School in Tuolumne. Tuolumne county sheriff Jim Mele said the students confessed and when asked to elaborate, he says that their plan was “to come on campus and shoot as many people as possible.” Authorities were alerted to the plot on Wednesday after school administrators became aware of students making threats … Continue reading →

Boy Follows Dog . . . To The Bottom Of A Hole

At a home outside Brookhaven, in Lincoln County Mississippi, a grandmother was enjoying a quiet afternoon with her grandson. The family dog had been missing for two to three days, having mysteriously vanished from around the family’s property. Then just like a dog, four-year-old Gabe Allbritton went missing. A frantic search ensued, and the boy was discovered at the bottom of a 23 foot hole . . . along with his dog. It is believed that Gabe somehow heard his … Continue reading →