Road Rage With A BB Gun

In Mesa, Arizona, a father and son who were on their way home from work were shot at twice with an airsoft BB gun in an apparent road rage incident. The other driver reportedly became angry because the man wasn’t driving fast enough for her. A woman from Apache Junction was charged with aggravated assault and endangerment. (I wonder how fast they’ll be in processing her into jail.) I’m just thankful that all she had was a BB gun. … Continue reading →

Three-year-old birthday Girl Killed At Her Party

In a tragic story our of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a 3-year-old girl who was celebrating her birthday this past Saturday didn’t live to make four. While at her party, she ran into the street to greet a relative who had just arrived and was struck and killed by a passing car. This story is a tragic reminder of two things: It’s never too early to start talking with kids about street safety. You can find free resources at, including our … Continue reading →

Reviving Your Baby By Sticking Her In The Fridge

Pancaked parents can do some strange things. In Melissa, Texas, Michael Thedford apparently left his 6 month old daughter in a hot car. By the time he realized his mistake, the baby was unresponsive. So he tried to revive her . . . by putting the baby in the refrigerator before calling 911. If only reviving a child were that simple. I wish we lived in a world where every drowning victim could be revived by pulling them out of … Continue reading →

Preschooler Killed in Road Rage Incident

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, 4-year-old Lily Garcia lost her life after being shot in a road rage incident. The girl was traveling down the interstate with her father and 7-year-old brother. Both kids were sitting in the backseat of her family’s red pick-up. That’s when her father got into an altercation with another driver. One car apparently cut off the other, and the other returned the favor. That started an ongoing feud that lasted around 2 minutes. The incident ended … Continue reading →

Road Hazards

Police Cruzier Kills Girl In Carroll County, Georgia, two teenage girls lost their life when the car they were in was broadsided by a state patrol trooper. Not Drunk, Just Concussed In Richmond, Virginia, it turns out that a man initially suspected of drunk driving when he drove his car up onto the city’s bike race course was actually suffering a concussion. He had no blood alcohol in his system. One Very Lucky Girl In Aberdeen, Idaho, police are investigating … Continue reading →

Baby Dead After Never Making It To Daycare

In Macedonia, Ohio, 8-month-old Jayce Markell Benjamin was being shuttled to daycare with 3 other children. According to police, the unnamed parent or guardian left the baby behind when dropping off the kids. Then the child’s grandmother got a hold of the vehicle and didn’t realize he was in the third row of seats as she drove the SUV to work. He ended up spending the day sitting in the car in the Walmart parking lot, and was found dead … Continue reading →

Poorly Secured Cargo Takes Another Child’s Life

In Emmett, Idaho, a 5-year-old boy has died from injuries he received after the car he was riding in was hit by a salt block.  They boy was riding with his family when a salt block fell from a truck in southwestern Idaho, going through the windshield of his car. Kids have been killed when furniture, mattresses, tools, and other poorly secured items have fallen from moving vehicles. If you happen to be transporting something, let this be a reminder … Continue reading →

Tots Die After Trapping Themselves In Car

In Manns Harbor, North Carolina, two young sisters lost their life after they apparently climbed into a neighbor’s vehicle but were unable to get themselves out. The two toddlers, ages 18 months and 2 years, were reported missing on Friday. A sheriff’s deputy discovered the children in the back seat of the hot car about 30 minutes later. The incident remained under investigation. (USA Today, 6-30-2008, 8A)       … Continue reading →

The Last Voice Mail

In Bronx, New York, 7-year-old Ethan left a voice message on his mother’s phone “Mama, we’re waiting for you to eat icecream.” A few moments later Ethan would be dead — crushed by a run-away Mersadues SUV that backed into Kennedy’s Chicken & Sandwitches, the restaurant they were eating at.  Natasha Villavecencio, Ethan’s mother, says that at least she’l always have that tiny piece of her son — the voicemail he left moments before he died — to remember him … Continue reading →