Suing For Your Own Negligence

In Saint Paul, Minnesota, a woman who’s car was hit by a vehicle driven by an employee of the Parks & Recreation Department is suing the city. Not all that unusual. What makes this lawsuit unusual is that she is the reckless employee from the department who smashed into her own car while at work. “Because I was working for the city and driving a city vehicle, I feel they are responsible” she says. If she’s successful, maybe the department … Continue reading →

Dumb Lawsuits

News Flash: Hot Fajitas are Hot In West Ampton, New Jersey, a court ruled to toss out a lowsuit brought by a man against Applebe’s Nieghborhood Grill & Bar after he leaned over a plate of sizzling Fajitas to pray and was subsuqyently burned.  In dismissing the case, an appelate court ruled that the plantif should have known the hot food posed an “open and obvious danger.”  March 5, 2015 I Hit My Eye . . . I’m suing! In … Continue reading →