Eight-Year-Old Arrested for Sister’s Murder

Every once in a while we come across a story that is just wrong on every level. This happens to be one of those times. In Birmingham, Alabama, an 8-year-olf boy was arrested on a murder warrant for allegedly beating his one-year-old sister to death while babysitting her and 4 other siblings. Why was an 8-year-old left in charge of 5 young kids, you might ask? So his mother could go to a nightclub, of course. The boy was the … Continue reading →

Eight-Year-Old Girl Killed Over Puppies

We often come across stories that will leave you shaking your head and wondering if the world has gone mad. This, unfortunately, is one of those times. This last Saturday in Jefferson County, Tennessee, 8-year-old MaKayla Dyer was playing at home with her puppies. That’s when an 11-year-old neighbor boy approached her and wanted to play with them too. MaKayla was wary. She had been bullied by this kid when they first moved to the neighborhood, and after a talk … Continue reading →

Children Who Murder Their Parents

Boy Shoots Father for Being Too Strict In Belen, New Mexico, a 10-year-old boy was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his father. The boy apparently used his own rifle to shoot Byron Hilburn, 42, and then phoned police to tell them what he’d done. Authorities say that the boy told them the reason he shot his father was that he disciplined him too often and too harshly. (USA Today, 8-31-2009, SA) Boy Kills His Mother In … Continue reading →

Kids Killing Kids: Murders Committed By Teens and Children

Throwing the Baby In Houston, Texas, a l2-year-old boy was charged with capital murder in the death of a 10-month-old baby who apparently suffered injuries from being thrown. The incident occurred while a group of children from two families were left unsupervised. The boy, who has 9 siblings, was being held in juvenile custody and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. (USA Today, 4-23-2009, p. 9A) 5-year-old Girl Drowns Baby Cousin In Kansas City, Missouri, a 5-year-old … Continue reading →

Sibling Murders; Kids Who Kill their Siblings

Teen Murders Brother in Argument Over Computer In Coral Springs, Florida, a 15-year-old was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder after stabbing his 14-year-old brother to death with a kitchen knife. The incident apparently happened as they argued over the volume on their home computer. No one else was home at the time. (USA Today, 10-28-2009, p. 7A) Brother Kills Two Younger Sisters In Massachusetts, a deranged brother killed his two younger sisters; Bianca, age 5, and Samantha, 17. … Continue reading →

Teens Kill Foster Parent

1-1-08 The foster care system has long been a subject of intense debate and scrutiny. Discussion erupted again in Charlotte, Tennessee, after two teenagers were charged with killing their foster mother and her mother-in-law. The New Years day killings sparked renewed criticism about how the State Department of Children’s Services place juveniles in foster care. Seventeen-year-old James Earl Garrett, and 15-year-old Jeffrey Byrd Johnson Jr. are both charged with first-degree murder in the slayings.  Police have remained silent as to … Continue reading →

Girl Beaten to Death in Mortal Combat Simulation

12-18-07 Police arrested two Colorado teenagers in the beating death of a 7-year-old girl, one of whom’ was the girls’ older sister. Authorities say the deadly assault occurred because the teens were simulating fight moves from the video game ‘Mortal Combat.’ Sixteen-year-old Heather Trujillo was babysitting 7-year-old Zoe Garcia on December 6, 2007, the night she died. Heather’s boyfriend, 17-year-old Lamar Roberts, was also in the house. Police allege that the two hit, kicked, and body slammed Zoe while playing … Continue reading →

Kids Murdered In Hopes of School Holiday

8-23-07 In a frightening display of cold-hearted lack of empathy,  authorities in Mumbai, India, said that two young children were slain by three older kids in the hopes that their death might result in school being cancelled. The two young victims, both boys ages eight and five, were  brothers. They were strangled by three older students of the boarding  school  in  which  they  attended.  The  three perpetrators,  all  adolescents  ages  twelve  and  thirteen, reportedly confessed to killing the pair in … Continue reading →

Teen Kills Boy While ‘Wrestling’

(June, 2007) A 13-year-old boy was charged with criminal homicide and taken to a juvenile detention center, after killing a 5-year-old who he said he was practicing wrestling moves with. The boy later died from his injuries at an area hospital. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. The incident occurred in the home where the boys lived, and the younger child’s mother was not home at the time of the incident. A man who was babysitting was in … Continue reading →