Black Bear Goes to School

When you live in Montana, you know that living in close proximity to wildlife comes with the territory. ‘It’s the bear’s territory,’ they say, ‘we just live in it.’ Some bears take this idea to a whole new level. In the town of Bozeman, a black bear was spotted in high a school … casually walking down the hallway. The bear had apparently entered through an open garage door. He didn’t stay long, exiting the building just a few minutes … Continue reading →

Hungry Bear Goes on Pie Binge

In Lyons, Colorado, a local bear smelled something sweet.  So it entered through a window in a local pie shop and helped itself to some pies.  All told, the bear ate 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies, according to the owner of the Colorado Cherry Company.  I think the town found a new winner for their annual pie eating contest. … Continue reading →