Burglar In Chimney Goes Up In Flames

It works for Santa Claus. That’s what a teenager must have been thinking when he tried to sneak into a home through the chimney, apparently in an attempt to burglarize the home in question. His plans were interrupted, however, when the homeowner unwittingly started a fire in the fireplace. the 19-year-old died of burns & smoke inhalation. He was seared and smoked while wedged in the chimney. Every year we cover stories of people getting caught in chimneys. Usually it’s … Continue reading →

Teen Boys Take Down Enfamil

Riddle me this: What do three bored teenage boys do with a computer when left to their own devices? (No, not that . . . get your mind out of the gutter.) Apparently, they launch fiber attacks against Enfamil, the baby formula website.  That was what happened in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  The boys’ fun was spoiled, however, when their stunt attracted the attention of both the FBI and the Secret Service.  Local police charged the boys with felony computer … Continue reading →

Funny Stores Of The Crazy Things Teens Do

Naked Teens With Bee bee Guns In Ogden, Utah, police were called in to investigate an unusual site: 4 teens, all nude, running through a neighborhood with a bee bee gun. Weber County deputies said the teens were spotted streaking along Bonneville Terrace Drive around 2 am on Sunday.  When approached by police, the teens reportedly told deputies that they had a bee bee gun because they feared they might be attacked by deer.  Of course  . . . Why … Continue reading →

Teenagers Kidnap Beagle For Ransom

1-5-08 Philadelphia resident Bill Whiting was up late at night, stewing  over  his  missing  dog,  when  he  received  a horrifying  phone  call.  On  the  other  line  were  children demanding a $600 dollar ransom for Edna, his beloved Beagle mix. The boy on the other line said that if Bill didn’t pay the ransom, they would kill Edna. Bill listened as the dognappers jingled Edna’s collar in front of the phone, and heard an animal yelping in pain in the background. … Continue reading →

Teens Playing in Car Run Over Two Girls

8-27-2007 15-year-old Carlos Manzo sat in the front seat of his fathers pick-up truck, revving up the engine. A buddy sat beside him in the passenger seat. “You could just see it on their faces; they were going to do something dumb,” said Antonio Lechuda, a neighbor who was watching the scene unfold. Then, they did. Suddenly, and apparently without paying attention to what was behind them, the truck was thrown in reverse. The red Dodge pickup truck careened out … Continue reading →