Kids Find Explosive & Carry It Home to Parents

In Portland, Oregon, a group of children who were out exploring in a wildlife refuge near their home found a strange and interesting object.  It was dull green in color, and shaped like a torpedo.  So they decided to unearth it and bring it home.  It turned out it was an old, but still live military grade mortar shell explosive, that was about 12 inches long. The explosive had been found in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.  Old ordinances like … Continue reading →

Killing Children With Sheer Stupidity

Most people know that elementary age children don’t belong around guns and explosives.  Apparently, not everyone does.  In Muldrow, Oklahoma, a couple of men apparently thought it a good idea to place an explosive inside a stove and then shoot it with a high-powered rife.  The ensuing blast killed an 8-year-old boy and injured a 22-year-old man that was looking on.  I can actually hear redneck music playing in my head right now. (2/9/2015)

Boat Explosion Injures Three Girls

5-25-08 When Bob Hill set out on a trip to the beach with his two young daughters and one of their friends, it was supposed to be a relaxed day in the sun. Instead, all four of them were exposed to a different kind of heat, when the boat they had planned to spend the day in exploded…with them inside it. It happened when Bob turned the ignition on the boat as they were preparing to launch it into the … Continue reading →