Girl Survives Beating With Baseball Bat, Then Death Panels By CPS Workers

The story of Haleigh Poutre is one of tragedy that highlights many of the things wrong with our child protective service system. It’s also a story of hope and survival against all odds. Haleigh was born February 24, 1994. She was 11-years-old on September 11, 2005, when she was badly burned and beaten severely with a baseball bat, allegedly at the hands of Jason and Holli Strickland, her stepfather and maternal aunt, respectively, who had legally adopted Haleigh. The beating … Continue reading →

11 Kids Abused In Child Welfare

8-1-07 Police filed charges of child abuse and welfare fraud against a woman accused of adopting children in order to bilk child welfare out of $2 million dollars. Judith Leekin, who is now 62 years old, could face as much as 190 years in prison if convicted on the 10 counts of child abuse against her. Authorities believe she adopted the children for a source of income, then abused the kids and used the state money allotted for their care … Continue reading →