Leaving Your Kid in the Park

Lord knows that parents could use a break from time to time. A little me-time away from the kids. But one Philadelphia mother took this idea to a whole new extreme. She wanted to visit her boyfriend in Maryland, and apparently was having trouble finding anyone to look after her special needs child. So she took her quadriplegic son into the woods of a local park and dumped him there, where he spent 5 days alone in the forest. (She … Continue reading →

Kids Left in Freezing Car While Father Attends Court

In Newton, Massachusetts, Framingham man is facing child endangerment charges after police say he left his 3 children — ages 5,3, & 9 months old — inside a car in sub-freezing temperatures for about an hour while he was in court. (USA Today 1/16/2015, p. 9A) While this was certainly a poor decision on the mans part, it’s also a perfect example of how society creates it’s own messes and sets people up to fail.  Low income parents, faced with … Continue reading →

Babies Found Malnourished After Mother Dies

11-16-07 After responding to reports of a foul order coming from an  apartment, police found 36-year-old Virginia Wanjiru Njorge, lying dead on the bed. Authorities believe she had been deceased for several days. But they made an even more alarming discovery – the womans 3-week-old twins were found under the bed, both malnourished and in critical condition. The two babies were taken to a hospital, where one child, a baby girl, later died. Her twin brother remained in critical condition. … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Taken to ‘Baby Drop’

5-10-07 On the first day of a program in Japan offering an anonymous drop box for unwanted babies, a father stunned people by leaving his 3-year-old child at the ‘baby drop.’ The Roman Catholic-run Jikei hospital in the southern city of Kumamoto, started the program known as “stork’s cradle,” to discourage abortions and the abandonment of children in unsafe public places. According to reports, the boy (believed to be three years of age) said he “came with daddy” and was … Continue reading →