Children Injured or Killed in Residential Home Fires

In our fire safety books, we cover a few important concepts that can save a child’s life: get out fast, stay low, don’t hide, don’t try to take things with you, or look for your parents.  Above all, once you get outside of the house, stay out!  Here’s why: A Tragic Lesson in Fire Safety In Fort Dodge, Iowa, a house fire on Sunday claimed the lives of 3 people, including a 5-year-old Joseph Kennedy and an infant.  Three other … Continue reading →

Children Trapped In Deadly House Blaze

11-28-07 A candle started a deadly blaze in a Toledo, Ohio home, taking the lives of a woman and three children with it. The fire started at around 10 p.m. on November 28, 2007. Neighbor Mike Matzinger, 49, was inside doing dishes at the time. He looked out the kitchen window and saw flames leaping out of the first floor of his neighbors house. He says he then ran outside, and tried to break through the back door of the … Continue reading →

Child Playing With Matches Dies

11-7-07 A 4-year-old boy died from smoke inhalation Wednesday, in a house fir he started in Salt Lake, Honolulu. Fire investigators believe that little John Rex Caesar was playing with a lighter. Thirty-one people were living in the house, and were all left homeless because of the fire. They were immigrants from the island of Chuuk. All the other family members in the home managed to escape without injury. The boys’ body was found in a bedroom, one of three … Continue reading →

5 Family Members Killed in Motel Fire

June 2007 The bodies of 5 family members were found huddled in and near a bath-tub after a fire broke out at their suburban Atlanta motel. Among the dead were 2 men, a woman, and 2 children. Six more people were hospitalized, including three firefighters, a 14-year-old girl, and two other patrons staying at the Budget Inn in Riverdale. An off-duty police officer who was passing by saw the flames and reported the fire early in the morning. It was … Continue reading →