Girl Killed At Bus Stop

In Louisville, Kentucky, early on Wednesday morning a 5-year-old kindergarten student was struck and killed by a car while she waited for her school bus. A spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department said the girl was waiting for the bus with friends when she apparently darted out into the street. It was unclear what provoked her to do such a thing. Let this tragedy serve as a reminder to talk with your kids about street safety. May 7, 2015; … Continue reading →

A New Way To Protect Children Getting On & Off The School bus

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the Wake County Public School District is testing a new way for students to get on and off the school bus. A bar swings out in front of the bus to indicate that it is safe to cross the street, sorta like those gates we see at a checkpoint.  The kids have to wait until the bus driver swings out the bar, signaling it is safe to cross the street. After following child safety issues for … Continue reading →