Teachers On The Rampage

In Paducah, Kentucky, a teacher and her husband apparently went on a rampage on the playground at McNabb Elementary School in an attempt to confront children who tackled their son during a football game.  While the teacher is said to have hit another parent, her husband went all out, allegedly chasing children in his truck and pointing a shotgun at adults.  Both pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the incident. (USAToday, 5-7-2009, p. 9A)

When Teachers Behave Badly

Now You’ll Sit Still! In Rison, Arkansas, a  teacher was placed on suspension with pay for apparently binding some of her first grade students to their desks and chairs using tape.  Parents of several students in this teacher’s first grade class complained about the practice through the school board, and the Cleveland County Sheriffs Department was investigating.  (USAToday, 3-12-2009, p. 7A) Trashy Students In  Moundsville, West Virginia, the Marshall County Board of Education reduced a teachers suspension from two days … Continue reading →