Did A Citizen With A Gun Save The Day?

The tragic church shooting in Texas has reignited the gun debate in this country, and already the media and gun lobbyists are promoting the narrative that a citizen with a gun helped save lives by confronting the gunman and engaging him. It’s a story of bravery t o be sure but the facts on the ground simply don’t match the narrative that a good guy with a gun helped save the day. First and foremost is when and where this … Continue reading →

Preschooler Killed By Shotgun Blast

In Chandler, Arizona, the life of a vibrant blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl was snuffed away because her father owned a gun…Yet another innocent victim in the long line of gun tragedy. Three-year-old Brook Sands was in the room with her father when a shotgun went off, hitting the preschooler in the stomach. Police weren’t real clear on the details of how it all happened, other than to say the incident was a tragic accident. The family called 911, but it … Continue reading →

Bullets Flying At Day Care Centers

When you drop your kids off at child care, you might expect a toy or two to be flying around, but certainly not bullets. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Calumet City, Illinois. A 47-year-old day care worker was going about her normal routine when a bullet flew through the window at the facility, striking her in the face and injury that sent her to the hospital. Needles to say the woman wasn’t the intended target. It’s just one more … Continue reading →

Israeli Guard Shoots Shopper By Mistake

In yet another example of the problem with using guns as a means of public self defense, an Israeli security guard shot and killed an innocent bystander by mistake during a recent terrorist attack in  Jerusalem. It started when a terrorist attacked and killed a security guard with a knife, then took the security guard’s rifle and began shooting, injuring ten others. The attacker was shot and killed during the incident. Naturally the scene was chaotic. Incoming upon the carnage, … Continue reading →

A Deadly Way to Play Cops & Robbers

In Chicago, Illinois, a father is in legal trouble after his 6-year-old son shot his younger brother to death while playing a game of cops & robbers. The boys were being watched by their grandfather at the time. It took only a few seconds for the 6-year-old to retrieve the gun, which was being kept on the top of the refrigerator. The kids ran down the stairs and a few moments later the grandfather heard a loud pop. He went … Continue reading →

Beware: Bullets From Above

Most people stuck by stray bullets are on the same level as the person doing the shooting. But bullets don’t just travel left or right, they can also go up or doen. A Providence, Rhode Island man found this out the hard way when he was struck in the shoulder in his own home by a stray bullet that had been fired from the apartment above him. Thankfully, the 20-yera-old man is expected to recover. … Continue reading →

Gun-toting Grandpa

There’s some things that should go without saying: don’t put rattlesnakes in the baby’s crib, put the handguns away when you play with your grand-kids.  A man in New Castle, Indiana, needs to be reminded of this.  The 76-year-old grandfather faces a felony charge of illegally pointing a firearm, stemming from an incident where he allegedly engaged in shenanigance with his grandson while holding a loaded weapon. … Continue reading →

Neighborly Feud Kills Woman

In Willard, Ohio, a man became iritated that his next dorr neighbor was mowing her lawn at night, so he did what any rational person would do: he fetched his gun and shot the woman and ran over her body with a power mower.  Just a tad bit of an over-reaction if you ask me. If he thinks it’s hard to sleep with a lawn mover injine running in the background, he’s goind to love all the loud, unatural metalic … Continue reading →

And Jesus said: Thou Shall ‘Cap His *ss!’

In Dayton, Texas, a minister was sleeping in his church office early last week when he heard an intruder. It was around 6:15am, too learly for anyone to be in the building.  This being Texas, everyone has a gun (I think they hand them out at birth), so naturally the  churches are packing as well. So after being roused from his sleep, Benny Holmes, a pastor at the Church of New Beginnings, grabbed a gun and went to investigate. He … Continue reading →

Shooting a Man Over A Chainsaw

In Taylorsville, North Carolina, authorities say a man who tried to steal a chainsaw from a power equipment store was shot in the head by the store clerk. Officially, this will probably go down as a “justifiable” shooting, since it occurred during the commission of a crime. Yet it’s, another example of how trigger happy gun owners seem all too eager for the opportunity to try and kill someone.  (April 28, 2015)   … Continue reading →