Retired Cop Kills His Two Daughters In Murder-Suicide

In Harrison, New York, a 52-year-old White Plains, NY police officer that had just retired shot and killed 3 dogs, his two sleeping daughters, and himself. The girls were Deanna, age 13, and Alissa, age 17. The three were found dead in their family home. In a 5- to 6-page letter left by Glen Hochman, apparently written after the killings, he describes his actions as premeditated and details a list of things his wife should do “to get things in … Continue reading →

Mother Drowns Kids In A Bathtub

An Arizona mother with a history of mental illness was arrested for drowning her twin sons, both two years old, in a bathtub.  She was also in the process of trying to drown a 3-year-old relative when the boy’s mother stumbled upon what was going on and manged to fight her off.  He survived. The woman, 22-year-old Mireya Lopez, has a history of mental illness.  she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on 8 different types of medication.  The Doctors … Continue reading →

Mother Kills Her Children . . . & Says She’d Do It Again

Child abuse is typically a problem of parents who otherwise love their children, either making poor decisions or loosing their composure in a moment of anger. Then there are cases like this one, which is so unusual as to defy all logic. Mitchelle Blair is a 36-year-old mother who admits to subjecting her children to some of the most horrendous abuse you can think of, eventually killing two of them. Thirteen-year-old Stoni was kicked, hit on the head, “over and … Continue reading →

Parents Who Murder Their Children

Sadly, thousands of kids are murdered each year by their mother or father, making parents as a group several thousands of times more dangerous and deadly than sex-offenders. Though we couldn’t possibly document every case, here is a sampling of the different circumstances under which parents kill their kids, giving you a well-rounded view of how (and why) it happens. See also: – Children murdered to punish a partner – Children murdered in custody disputes – Children murdered for God, … Continue reading →

Job Loss Leads to Murder of Family

1-27-09 A poor economy can kill. Literally. In yet another example of how secondary family factors such as economics can affect a child’s welfare, a man who was distraught over losing his job fatally shot his wife, his five young children, and finally himself at their home in Los Angeles, California. Ervin Antonio Lupoe had been working as a technician at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in West Los Angeles, along with his wife. Shortly before the killings, TV station KABC … Continue reading →

Father Sets His Kids Ablaze

In Wheaton, Illinois, a man offered to plead guilty to killing his two sons, ages 4 and 7, by dousing them with gasoline and lighting them ablaze. Kaushik, Patel’s public defender says his plea depends on the prosecution’s agreeing to not seek the death penalty, which is ironic, because Patel apparently told reporters that he had actually intended to kill himself (not his son’s) -when the crime occurred. Aug. 22, 2008   … Continue reading →

Mother Drowns Her Two Daughters in Brook

April 13, 2008 Forty-year-old Nicole Waring stood at the edge of an icy brook in Wardsboro, Vermont, just about 100 yards from her parents home. A mother of two young girls, her children, six-year-old Dakota Waring and two-year-old Grace Waring stood at her side. Why she did what she did next is a puzzle to everyone. Earlier that day, Nicole had been reported missing from her parent’s home in Wardsboro, where she and the girls were staying. She had alarmed … Continue reading →

Mother Shoots 3 Kids, Herself

1-24-2008 A mother of eight used a gun against 3 of her children before turning the gun on herself in a murder-suicide. Authorities were still trying to determine a motive, and couldn’t determine whether the woman had tried to seek mental health counseling. It’s a somewhat unusual murder-suicide in that not all of the kids were shot. Thirty-one-year-old Elizabeth Duman or Clarkston, Washington, was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Also killed was her 18-month-old son, Abraham. Two other … Continue reading →

Children Found Stuffed in Trash Bags Under Sink

7-30-07 Authorities found the bodies of two small children, ages one and four, dead in a Hanahan, South Carolina apartment. They were wrapped inside trash bags and had been stuffed underneath a sink. The grizzly discovery was made Monday night after officers responded to a report of a disturbance at the apartment. According to a police report, they found the children’s mother, 27-year-old Sametta Heyward, crying while screaming: “Oh, my babies!” A note found written by the mother indicated that … Continue reading →