Facebook Unfriending Leads to Double Homicide

In Jonesborough, Tennessee, a mother and daughter started trial this week over a double murder case that took place in 2012. The pair committed the killings because the daughter was unfriended on Facebook, according to prosecutors. Thirty-five-year-old Janelle Potter and 64-year-old Barbara Potter face life in prison if convicted in the deaths of Billie Jean Hayworth, 23, and Billy Payne, 36. Adding another gruesome detail to this story: the murdered couple’s 7-month-old son was found uninjured in his dead mother’s … Continue reading →

People Murdered for Silly or Trivial Reasons

Woman Beaten to Death Over Cigarette Twenty-two-year-old Ryan Bonnett was arrested on suspicion of murder for allegedly beating a woman to death for refusing to give him a cigarette. Eileen Pruitt, 47, died after emergency surgery. (USA Today, 10-20-2009, 6A) Two People Killed Over Garbage In New York, N.Y., police were searching for the man who stabbed two Manhattan subway riders to death during a weekend argument. A witness to the incident said one of the victims had thrown a … Continue reading →

Job Loss Leads to Murder of Family

1-27-09 A poor economy can kill. Literally. In yet another example of how secondary family factors such as economics can affect a child’s welfare, a man who was distraught over losing his job fatally shot his wife, his five young children, and finally himself at their home in Los Angeles, California. Ervin Antonio Lupoe had been working as a technician at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in West Los Angeles, along with his wife. Shortly before the killings, TV station KABC … Continue reading →

Mother Of Two Kills Expectant Mother, Cuts Out Her Baby

October 2007 A woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and cutting the baby from her womb was sentenced to death for the crime  by  a Missouri  jury.  Lisa  Montgomery,  39,  was convicted of strangling Bobby Jo Stinnet, 23, at her home on December 16, 2004. She then cut out Bobby Jo’s baby and tried to pass it off as her own, authorities say. Lisa had apparently been lying to friends and family about being pregnant. Her ex-husband had planned … Continue reading →