Coyote Attacks Against Children

Rabid Coyote Attacks Girl At Bus Stop In Tacolet, North Carolina, a 9-year-old-girl is recuperating after being attacked by a rabid coyote while waiting at the school bus stop.  Neighbors saw the incident and came out to help the girl.  Ashton Crowe, and she was able to run to safety.  A teenager kicked the coyote and held it down while his grandfather shot it.  The coyote later tested positive for rabies.  (USA Today, 2-15-2009, p 6A … Continue reading →

Coyote Attacks 5-Year-Old

5-21-07 A 5-year-old Middletown, New Jersey boy was the victim of an odd attack Monday evening. Brayden Gazette was playing with his sister Sydney, in a yard across the street from their home, when a coyote bolted out from the woods and bit the child on his head. The animal startled and ran off when his sister Sydney screamed for help. The boy received 46 stitches and two rabies shots following the attack. Though coyote attacks are extremely rare, (they … Continue reading →