Four Year Old Girl Goes on Accidental Camping Trip

The tragedies that befall children can happen in the blink of an eye. A few seconds is all it took for 4-year-old Evelyn Sides, who goes by the nickname Vadie, to vanish from the backyard of a family friend, “Nanny,” who was watching her at the time. The girl was playing outside with her dog Lucie when she ran off into the Alabama woods. As Vadie describes it, “We took a walk, but then I got too fast and got … Continue reading →

Little Girl Tries To Play Santa, Gets Stuck In Chimney

In Clearwater, Florida, an 8-year-old girl had to be rescued after getting herself stuck in the chimney of a big empty house. The house was next door to where the child, Isabelle Cooke lived. Apparently she made it to the roof using a pole. Then she either climbed in or fell in the chimney and slid to the bottom. The chimney had no opening inside the house. So rescue crews had to chip away part of the chimney to retrieve … Continue reading →

Two-Year-Old Tot Goes On Late Night Joy Ride

It’s the middle of the night, do your know where your kids are? If you assume they’re still fast asleep in bed where you left them, this might be a bad assumption. It certainly was for a couple in Sumter, South Carolina. Apparently, their 2-year-old got up after they went to bed and decided it was a good time to hit the town and check out the night life. The tot was seen driving down the street in the middle … Continue reading →

Rescuing A Girl In The Glass Arcade Game

In Frisco, Texas, a 6-year-old girl and her sister were admiring one of those claw arcade games; you know, the type where you put in the money and then try to grab a toy with a metal claw to win that prize. That’s when her older sister apparently dared her to crawl through the small opening so they could help themselves to the loot. She did, and astonishingly, was able to make inside. Not so astonishingly, she found she couldn’t … Continue reading →

The Crazy Things Kids Do

Two Girls Stuck in a Storm drain When two Australian girls, ages 10 and 12, got stuck while exploring a storm drain, they were darn lucky to have a cell phone with them that had reception. And so they quickly put that technology to work. No, they didn’t call 911. Rather, in a sign of the times, they updated their Facebook statuses to read “Lost under the streets.” The girls were eventually rescued when friends read the status update and … Continue reading →

Third-Graders Arrested in Plot to Kill Teacher

4-1-08 Kids grow up so fast these days, don’t they? It seems like in the blink of an eye they’re walking, saying they’re first words, attending their first day of school, conspiring to kill the teacher. Police in South Georgia arrested nine 3’rd graders, both boys and girls, in an apparent plot to assassinate their teacher. Police describe it as an “elaborate” plan that had apparently been hatched by 3 ringleaders amongst the bunch. The itenery was to knock her … Continue reading →

Hitchhiking to Kindergarten

1-24-08 One little girl, we’ll call her Amy, thought that she was old enough to walk to school on her own. I guess she didn’t want mom crimping her style. After all, a kids got a reputation to keep. Her mother, we’ll call her Julie, disagreed. At the tender age of 5, she thought that her daughter was much too young to be walking to school by herself. The school was several miles away and crossed several busy streets to … Continue reading →

Tongues Really Do Stick To Flagpoles

1-25-08 Nothing you see on TV is real, right? That’s what two fourth-graders in Indiana thought when they mimicked a scene from the movie “a Christmas story,” betting that their tongues wouldn’t really stick to a cold flagpole if they licked it. Turns out, some things you see on TV really are true! The two boys, Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander, were on flag duty at Jackson Elementary school one chilly Friday morning. They were in charge of rising and … Continue reading →

McDonald’s Used in Hunt for 4-Year-Old 911 Caller

7-5-07 Phones were ringing off the hook at the 911 dispatch center for Carpentersville, Illinois. Something foul was amidst. But it wasn’t a natural disaster or other calamity that was causing such commotion, but rather a preschooler who learned a little too well how to dial 9-1-1. The 4-year-old girl used a deactivated cell phone to call 911 dispatchers 287 times in June, unbeknownst to her mother. The child had called as often as 20 times a shift according to … Continue reading →

Kids Arrested In Kidnapping Plot

7-5-07 Two sisters, ages 10 and 12, redefined the word “kidnapping” early in the morning of July 5’th, when they snuck into a neighbors home and took her 1-year-old son. The girls also took diapers and a stroller, leaving a ransom note demanding $200,000, before making a get-away under the cover of darkness. “If you want to see your son again, then you won’t call police and report him missing and you will leave $200,000 on the sofa tonight and … Continue reading →