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Gun advocates love to claim that “Law abiding gun owners” represent no danger to the community. Yet the reality is that humans are impulsive, emotional creatures who in the heat of the moment are prone to making stupid and irrational decisions. When you add a gun to the mix, things can go south quickly. Here are some stories and examples of some of the more insane situations created by stupid people with guns.

Stories of Stupid People With Guns

Woman Shoots herself in the Butt After Bringing Her Gun to an MRI
It seems there is no limit to the stupidity of some gun owners. A 57-year-old woman tried to undergo an MRI screening while carrying a concealed handgun. As most people know, MRI machines are giant magnets, and having metal objects around them can be dangerous. This is why medical staff always ask about this beforehand. Staff specifically asked the woman if she had a firearm or other metal objects, but she lied and said no. When she entered the room the magnet set off the handgun, shooting her in the right buttock. (The Week, 12-22-2023, p. 12) Thankfully, the wound was superficial and her stupidity didn’t lead to any serious injuries, other than a sore butt.

The not-so-official bullet proof vest testers
In Tampa, Florida, a 23-year-old man and his cousin were hanging out one day looking for something to do. So the young man got out a bullet proof vest and gun. I’m sure you know where this is heading. The guy put on the vest and said, “I wonder if this bullet proof vest really works?” To answer that question, the cousin picked up the gun and shot him in the torso. Apparently, the answer is not so much, or at least the cousin’s aim happened to miss one of the metal plates in the vest. The 23-year-old died from a gunshot wound and his cousin was charged with manslaughter.  (Easy Riders, April 2017, pg. 3)

A dangerous way to relieve stress
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a motorist in his late 20’s was arrested for apparently shooting at several passing cars. One of his bullets struck and wounded a man in a bus. After being arrested, police say that the man told a bystander that shooting at other cars helps him reduce stress.  (Easy Riders, March 2017, pg 3)

An hours-long standoff over a grilled cheese sandwich
In Dundalk, Maryland, a man was arrested on Sunday January 8th, after forcing a standoff with police that lasted several hours because someone took a bite out of his grilled-cheese sandwich. After the offending nibble, which was perpetrated by a family member, the man fired a shot and then baracaded himself in the house. He later surrendered to police. (1-10-2017)


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