Preschooler Killed By Shotgun Blast

In Chandler, Arizona, the life of a vibrant blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl was snuffed away because her father owned a gun…Yet another innocent victim in the long line of gun tragedy. Three-year-old Brook Sands was in the room with her father when a shotgun went off, hitting the preschooler in the stomach. Police weren’t real clear on the details of how it all happened, other than to say the incident was a tragic accident. The family called 911, but it … Continue reading →

A Deadly Way to Play Cops & Robbers

In Chicago, Illinois, a father is in legal trouble after his 6-year-old son shot his younger brother to death while playing a game of cops & robbers. The boys were being watched by their grandfather at the time. It took only a few seconds for the 6-year-old to retrieve the gun, which was being kept on the top of the refrigerator. The kids ran down the stairs and a few moments later the grandfather heard a loud pop. He went … Continue reading →

Gun Accidents Involving Kids

Preschooler Shoots Both of his Parents In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 3-year-old boy managed to retrieve a hand gun from his mothers purse while the family was staying at a local motel.  Many tragedies start this way, usually ending with the child shooting themselves or another child who happens to be in the room.  This case, however, took an unusual turn: instead of shooting himself, the boy managed to fire a single shot that struck and wounded both of his … Continue reading →

4-Year-Old Shoots Herself At Sam’s Club with Grandma’s Gun

June 9, 2008 It’s a little known fact, but people who carry concealed weapons are far more dangerous to children than registered sex offenders. Every year, reckless gun owners of all types kill several hundred more children than will ever be killed by registered sex offenders or community ‘predators.’ This next case is a prime example of the potential dangers, and illustrates the downsides that come x along with more people carrying concealed weapons. In a case that takes child … Continue reading →

Girl Kills Sister While Playing With Gun

12-21-07 Two kids who were left alone to their own devices one evening managed to find the single most dangerous thing in the house: a gun. Then they made a dangerous and ultimately fatal decision: They took the weapon out to explore. The accident occurred just four days before Christmas. The eight-year old was playing with the firearm when it went off, shooting her older sister in the neck. The girls mother came home a short time after the shooting … Continue reading →