Bus Driver Saves Family

In Buffalo, New York, a bus driver tending to his route on an early Monday morning noticed smoke coming from the back of a house. So Richard Lucas stopped the bus, ran to the house and banged on the front door, waking the sleeping family. Thanks to his quick actions, 10 people (including seven children) were able to escape the two-family home. July 15, 2010 … Continue reading →

Baby Tossed Four Stories From Fire

February 2008 As people were perishing all around them and smoke was billowing out of their room, two young parents desperately trying to save their daughter came to a gut-wrenching decision: they threw her out the window, praying that she would be caught by a crowd below. The 9-month-old fell four stories, and her parents’ decision paid off. Lucky little Onur fell safely into the arms of a policeman below. The drama unfolded as dozens of onlookers watched frantically. News … Continue reading →

Girl Rescues Siblings From House Fire

2-23-2008 In a story that every parent should read and take not of, a 12-year-old girl is being credited with saving the lives of her two younger siblings during a house fire that engulfed the family’s two-story home. It’s a lesson that highlights both the importance of going over fire safety with your family as well as the ability of children to act appropriately in life-saving ways when the need arises. Derrionna Adams and two of her siblings were asleep … Continue reading →