It’s So Hot The Planes Won’t Fly

It’s been hot our west. So hot that weathermen now describe the day’s temperatures as either broil or bake. It reached a scorching 127 in death valley. To put this in perspective, I once read in a fire safety manual that air around 160 degrees or above could vaporize your lungs. We’re not that far off. In Phoenix, it was so hot that many airplane flights had to be cancelled. The reason? It seems that since internal combustion engines rely … Continue reading →

Three Drown In Pool – Why?

In Pueblo, Colorado, on a hot August day two sisters, ages three and six, and their 17-year-old baby sitter drowned at a mobile home park swimming pool that had no lifeguard. We will never know exactly why this tragedy happened. There were other children in the pool at the time the sitter and her two young charges jumped into the deep end of the pool. A short time later a child was seen floating and others called for help. Attempts … Continue reading →

Beware Of Brain Eating Amoebas

There is a microscopic killer lurking in the lakes. But before you get too panicked, encounters with this bug are extremely rare. Yet this brain eating Amoeba, known as Naegleria Fowleri, (pronounced nuh-GLEERee-uh FOWL’-erh-eye for those brave enough to try and pronounce it), is being blamed for the deaths of at least 6 boys and young men this year. In one case, 14-year-old David Evans went to swim in Lake Havusu, a popular man-made lake off the Colorado River between … Continue reading →

Tunnel Collapse Kills Child

9-2-07 A cave that 2 brothers were digging at a beach turned deadly on Sunday, when the tunnel collapsed, killing a 10-year-old. The boys had been tunneling into the side of a sand dune, underneath a 40-foot cypress tree. The tree fell over, causing the tunnel to collapse. The accident occurred at Salmon Creek State Beach in Bodega Bay, California. The oldest boy was able to dig himself out from under the sand, and went to go get help. His … Continue reading →