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It’s a safety hazard most parents give little thought to, but kids are routinely killed by falling objects. They are crushed under television sets and other household items, struck by falling signs or bricks from buildings, and crushed by gates or soccer-field goal posts. Here are some of the stories behind the statistics:

Kids Killed by Falling Debris From Buildings

In 2015 a 2-year-old girl in Manhattan was killed after being struck by falling terra cotta from the deteriorating building above. Four-years earlier, the building was reported for having unsafe facade but nothing was done about it. (Haag, 2020)

Jayson Greene, in Once More We Saw Stars, describes how his 2-year-old daughter, Greta, was also killed after being struck by a brick that had fallen off the side of a building in upper West Side, New York.

Girl killed by falling gate at her elementary school
A 9-year-old girl in Arizona was killed after a gate fell on her at her elementary school. She was apparently opening the metal gate when it slid off its hinges, crushing her to death. (CBS News Phoenix, 11-21-2023)

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Haag, M. (2020, Jan. 31) “1,400 buildings across city are a serious safety threat for pedestrians,” New York Times, p. A24

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