The New Danger on Everest: Watch Out for Poo

As if the swirling winds, avalanches, tough terrain and bitter cold weren’t enough to contend with, it seems trekkers on Mt. Everest are having to contend with a new danger: the slopes are becoming littered with poo. On March 3rd, the head of Nepal’s mountaineering association warned that human waste from the roughly 700 climbers who scale the mountain each year poses a serious health issue. He urged his government to institute guidelines requiring climbers to dispose of their waste … Continue reading →

Camper Killed by Stray Bullet

A 60-year-old man was killed near a campsite in Pike National Forest, struck by an “errant bullet” fired by someone nearby while he was camping with his family.  It is unknown who was shooting near the campsite.  The accident happened this past Friday night . . . another example of how careless gun owners endanger us all.

Boy Scouts Swept Away In Flood

In New Mexico over the weekend a flash flood inundated the campsite where a group of boy scouts were camping, sweeping 4 of them away in the floodwater.  One boy was unaccounted for and later confirmed to have died. The boys were on a 12 day trek thought North Pomil Canyon, part of the 214 square mile Philmont Scout Ranch, frequented by troops all across the country.  According to state police spokesman Chad Pierce, the flash flood occurred at around … Continue reading →

Hiking Accidents and Children Killed While Hiking

Toddler Runs Over Cliff In Chimney Rock, North Carolina, officials at Chimney Rock State Park were evaluating barriers and signs along a trail where a toddler fell to his death. Two-year-old Giovani ChDavez was hiking with his parents when he ran under a railing and fell. Park officials emphasized that it’s up to parents to decide whether or not a hiking trail is safe for their children. (USA Today, 5-29-2008) Boy Scout Collapses While Hiking In Chillicothe, Ohio, preliminary autopsy … Continue reading →

Camping Accidents

Girl Scouts Burned in Explosion In Barnstead, New Hampshire, four Girl Scouts were injured after a makeshift cooking fuel can they were trying to refill exploded, spraying them with burning fuel. Two suffered serious burns and were hospitalized. The four kids ages 11 to 13 were among a group of about 75 Girl and Boy Scouts that had gathered at Camp Fatina. (USA Today, 9-15-2008, p. 13A) Van Backs Over Tent, Killing 4-Month-Old In Beaver Falls, Minnesota, a woman accidentally … Continue reading →

Child Survives 2 Days Naked In The Woods

6-15-07 A 5-year-old girl shocked searchers on Friday, when she emerged from the woods in the nude and holding raspberries. The child was scratched and naked, but otherwise OK. She had been feared dead after being swept away while boating with her grandfather Wednesday evening. Search crews had pulled the body of her grandfather from the Kankakee River in eastern Illinois just hours earlier. Hannah Klamecki’s wounds included scratches on her face and body, and thick dirt underneath her nails. … Continue reading →