Boy’s Arm Chopped off in Firewood Accident

Now here’s an accident you don’t see every day: a 12-year-old boy in Pennsylvania had his arm severed in an apparent firewood-cutting accident. The boy, Seth Apel, was working with his dad and brothers. He had gone by himself  to unload a pile of wood from the tractor when somehow his sleeve was snagged by a PTO, a piece of equipment attached to the tractor that rotates. (Dad was about 500 yards away, up a hill.) His grandfather, who lives … Continue reading →

Teen Missing for Seven Years Is Found

Recently, in Woodland Park, Colorado, the remains of 18-year-old Joshua Vernon Maddux have been found. The teen mysteriously disappeared seven years ago, and his family has been searching for him ever since. His body was found when an old abandoned cabin was being torn down. He had apparently gotten stuck in the chimney of this cabin. His death is being ruled an accident, as there is no sign of any trauma on his body. No one has any idea what … Continue reading →

Dog Starts House Fire…Sort Of

When firefighters tracked down the source of a house fire in Washington that caused around $200,000 worth of damage, they came upon an unusual culprit: the dogs water bowl. It turns out that sunshine beaming through the dog’s glass water bowl apparently acted like a magnifying glass; beaming intense sunlight that ignited a fire on the wooden deck, according to fire department Lieutenant Eric Keenan. “It’s so unusual,” remarks Keenan, who says he’s never seen a fire start this way. … Continue reading →

Tug-Of-War Nearly Takes Off The Hand Of Two Teens

10-12-07 A friendly game of Tug-of-war nearly severed the hands of two teenage boys during festivities at a school’s homecoming in Parker, Colorado. Reverend Julian Clausen, principal of Lutheran High School of the Rockies, said the official tug-of-war game had ended, but several students continued playing with the rope. Parker police said the tug-of-war was a match between some of the high schools senior football players and some junior varsity members. Both boys suffered extremely deep lacerations from the rope … Continue reading →

Butter Knife Imbedded into Boys Head

4-13-08 Safety specialists are known for saying: “If there is a way for kids to injure themselves with it, they’ll find that way.” We can now add ‘butter knives’ to the growing list of thought-to-be-safe items, after a Vancouver, Washington boy managed to get one imbedded into his head. Of course, they were doing something they shouldn’t at the time-playing with knives. But hey, they were butter knives, they figured. What could possibly go wrong? They were tossing them around, … Continue reading →

Forklift Injures Girl at Warehouse

12-22-07 A 3-year-old girl was critically injured just a few days before Christmas, after being hit by a forklift driven by her father. The accident occurred at around 5:00 P.M. in an industrial warehouse near Dillingham Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii. The girl was apparently hanging out with her father at work at the time of the accident. The forklift was backing up when it ran her over, seriously injuring her legs. She was rushed to a local hospital, where she … Continue reading →

Baby Shot In Head With Nail Gun

July 19, 2007 A 3-month-old boy who was at a construction site with his parents, was the victim of a freak accident Thursday evening. The child was being cuddled in his mothers arms, when a nail that was fired from a nail gun somehow ricocheted off it’s intended target and lodged in the baby’s head. The accident occurred in the 1600 block of Highway 38 Road, a construction site in Delta, Colorado. “Quite frankly, our investigation shows this was a … Continue reading →

Toddler Dies Inside Dishwasher

June 2007 A 12-month-old boy managed to lock himself inside a dishwasher, and ended up perishing in the process, most likely from heat exposure. It was a May tag model that begins it’s wash cycle automatically when the door is closed. His 13-year-old brother found him inside the machine, but the boy died before paramedics could arrive. The accident occurred at the child’s home in Romance, Arkansas. Authorities are still investigating the incident, but said that no signs of prior … Continue reading →