Retired Cop Kills His Two Daughters In Murder-Suicide

In Harrison, New York, a 52-year-old White Plains, NY police officer that had just retired shot and killed 3 dogs, his two sleeping daughters, and himself. The girls were Deanna, age 13, and Alissa, age 17. The three were found dead in their family home. In a 5- to 6-page letter left by Glen Hochman, apparently written after the killings, he describes his actions as premeditated and details a list of things his wife should do “to get things in … Continue reading →

Ninja Police in California

In the town of Anderson, California, police officers are now being allowed to use nunchucks. It’s one of those things that just causes me to scratch my head as if police really needed another way to beat someone. Having used nunchucks, extensively during my martial arts phase, I can tell you that they’re not exactly the most practical weapon, especially for police. The trade off between these and a straight baton is that you get more bone-breaking power behind the … Continue reading →

Child Killing Border Agent Finally Charged

This last week the indictment borer patrol agent Lonnie Swartz was announced. He was indited on 2nd degree murder for killing a 16-year-old Mexican teen 3 year ago on October 10, 2012. Swartz says he fired at people who were throwing rocks over the border. (As if kids throwing is justification to kill them.) So he aimed through a narrow opening in the border fence and emptied his magazine. He then reloaded and continued firing. All told, he hit the … Continue reading →

Woman Arrested Over Spaghettios

A cop pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop when he noticed something suspicious in the woman’s car; a spoon with a strange residue on it.  Certain that this constituted drug paraphernalia, the officer arrested the woman on the spot and haled her off to jail. She would end up spending 2 days in jail before being able to make bail, and was also ordered to participate in a drug treatment program before the test results came back … Continue reading →

Out of Control School Police Officers

In Louisville, Kentucky, a school resource officer working at Olmstead Academy North was arrested on Feb. 3 for using excessive force with students.  Police say he struck a 13-year-old across the face and then 5 days later put another 13-year-old into a choke hold until the child lost consciousness.  The 31-year-old officer was suspended from the force without pay after his arrest. (2/4/2015)

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots his Daughter

An off-duty police officer shot and critically wounded his 18-year-old daughter, after mistaking her for an intruder. The girl had apparently snuck out of their Stratford, Conneticut home to meet a boyfriend. 41 year old police officer Eric Scott was under the impression his daughter was still in the house, when she snuck back in and re-entered the home through the basement. While sneaking back in she triggered a backyard motion sensor light, which awoke her father. Scott went to … Continue reading →

Strange & Unusual Police Chases

Stop That Fork Lift! In Fort Worth, Texas, a local man was sentenced to 8 years in prison for leading police on a slow-speed chase down Interstate 30.  Timothy Raines, 47, had apparently stolen a fork lift and was driving it down I-30 while throwing beer bottles at authorities. … Continue reading →

If a Truck Can’t Outrun Police, This Bicycle Will!

In a police chase that sounds like it should be straight out of a cartoon, a man apparently led police on a brief chase using 3 different modes of transportation: a stolen truck, a motorcycle, and a bicycle. When the stolen truck he was in failed to elude police, he aparently ditched the truck and tried to make his get away on the motocycle.  Then he ditched the motorcycle and stole a child’s bicycle, thinking this was his ticket to … Continue reading →