Bear Attacks Sleeping Boy

A 16-year-old boy from Ohio was injured in a bear attack at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It was around 10:30pm on a Saturday night and both father and son were sleeping in hammocks around 10 feet apart.  The pair were on a backpacking trip through the mountains.  The boy awoke when the bear pulled him from the hammock. The teen’s father woke up from the commotion and managed to drive the bear away.  They then hiked to the shore … Continue reading →

Father Kills 300 Pound Black Bear

With Single Blow 6-23-07 Chris Everhart (Who happened to be an ex-marine), was camping in the Chatahoochee National Forest, located in Northern Georgia, with his three sons. All was well, until a fifth visitor decided to crash the party … a 300-pound black bear. The bear entered their campsite, rummaged through some stuff, and was heading back to the woods with the family’s cooler, when the youngest of the three sons, 6-year-old Logan, hurled a shovel at the large furry … Continue reading →